Is Kurt Busch Running The 2019 Indy 500?

Kurt Busch ran the 2014 Indianapolis 500 winning Rookie of the Race and finishing 6th on debut. A phenomenal debut for a driver with no previous open wheel experience. This NASCAR season the 2002 Cup Champ signed with Chip Ganassi to pilot the #1 Chevy Camaro. You know, that Chip Ganassi who owns one of IndyCar’s most prominent teams.

So that begs the question, will Kurt Busch race in the Indy 500 for Chip Ganassi? According to Chip he wants to see it happen and Kurt has asked him about it. But the bigger question is will that run come in 2019? An interaction we had on Twitter today would lead you to believe he is.

Rufus Legacy Strikes Again

Sitting around at work today dealing with a Nazi crisis, for real someone thinks the government employed a Nazi, I was scrolling through Instagram. As I was aimlessly looking what my friends were up to I saw an Indy 500 post from Rufus. (You don’t know Rufus? Read here).

And of course I clicked to see who was tagged in the post. IndyCar guys occupied the first seven names and then I got to the eight.

Kurt Busch.

Hmmmm, that’s interesting considering he’s a full-time NASCAR driver and nothing has been announced in terms of a program for May with him. So I screen shot the post and tweeted it out. Guess who responded. You got it, racing’s illuminati Rufus.


What it appears to mean is The Outlaw reformed driver from Las Vegas will be making a run at the Borg Warner this May. Of course who knows if any of this is true but we do know IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand is behind the Rufus movement. If someone is going to be in the know it’s likely to be JR. He’s also not in the business of making up rumors for clicks on the internet. Dude turned down MIT and teaches at Stanford, clicks probably don’t mean much.

So, Kurt. Are you running the Indy 500 in less than two months? We hope so, Alonso and Kurt Busch joining IndyCar’s best is what racing is all about. It’s what the 500 is all about. The best drivers in the world testing themselves against the greatest race in the world. What we really hope happens is Kurt shows up on the first day of practice like back in the day and hops in. Maybe shops around like Stewart did one year looking to land a car.

If there’s more information to be had we’ll have it for you.

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