American Formula 1 Fans Will Likely Have To Pay More To Watch In 2020

Robin Miller a man not known for shying away from a controversy had some things to say on this week. As more and more Canadians/Aussies have complained about not being able to watch IndyCar, Robin took to the internet to shut them up. Even though the 2019 F1 season just started American fans might want to look towards 2020.

Somewhere about 3/4 through his rant Robin dropped some Formula 1 news for anyone in America that enjoys watching the series. Last season and now this season ESPN is showing all races commercial free. It has revolutionized the way we watch races, basically we don’t get up from the couch now. While NASCAR/Indycar races are interuppted by commercials every 5-7 minutes F1 has spoiled fans.

That appears to be continuing in 2020 except for one minor detail:

Kicking and screaming, Canadians nonetheless have the option to pay $120 American for six months to watch the nine races not on NBC. It’s not popular, but it’s practical, and pay-per-view is only going to expand in the coming years. Formula 1 is likely headed that way on ESPN in 2020, and when the NFL decides it’s time to pony up; they’ll make a fortune.

Well, shit.

Starting in 2020 it appears Formula 1 fans in America will have to pony over than just their cable/streaming subscription to watch Formula 1. Right now F1 is free to watch as long as you have a cable or streaming subscription, so it’s not really free but you don’t notice how much you pay for ESPN.

Apparently starting in 2020 you will notice it. From the sounds of it, you’ll either have to buy ESPN+ or F1 TV. Unless ESPN takes the NBC route and starts offering “gold” packages. Which isn’t that bad but man it’s annoying that we’re starting to be forced to pay for racing series. For now, it appears we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from ESPN.

Honestly if it’s ESPN+ that’s not the end of the world. It’s only $4.99 a month and if it’s still commercial free count all of us in for that. But also it’s not like ESPN has anything they show on Sunday mornings so there aren’t many scheduling conflicts unless the Bassmasters crowd has a lot of pull.

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