By The Numbers: The 2019 Package Didn’t Help NASCAR at Fontana

NASCAR’s 2019 package made its way to Fontana this weekend. So did the new high drag package help or hurt passing numbers at the 2-mile oval an hour outside of Los Angeles?

We ran the numbers and things didn’t check out this week, take a look;

The 2019 package didn’t improve passing, didn’t promote more leaders and didn’t shrink the margin of victory. So in all it did the opposite of what NASCAR thought it would.

Green flag passes in 2019 were down 443 versus last year. Quality passes increased by 56 but that was still below the 2014 package. Speaking of 2014 let’s talk about that package for a minute. Fans and drivers alike yearn for the return of the 2014 package. It provided the best racing with the Gen 6 car and by the numbers that is statistically correct. Perhaps NASCAR should go back to that package. Rumor was NASCAR wasn’t happy with how fast cars were going in 2014, however one could argue higher corner speeds with this package are more concerning.

Regardless the 2019 package has been a bit of a dud at this point. In theory the package should have bunched the field up at places like Fontana and Las Vegas. Instead the races have played out the exact same just with less passing and margins of victory that weren’t as tight as they thought.

Ultimately we all want this package to be successful because better racing is the ultimate goal. So far though this package has been a dud.

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