Shut Up. Don’t Change NASCAR Qualifying, Sometimes Things Happen

Everyone is up in arms after NASCAR Qualifying Friday afternoon. The best of the best in NASCAR’s Cup Series failed to post a time in the final round of qualifying. You read that correctly, 12 cars in the final round failed to post a time.


Because they lollygagged around on pit road for so long no one made it back to the start finish line in time to start a lap. Cars didn’t role off pit road until about 42ish seconds to go in the sessions. Cup cars don’t have a ludicrous speed meaning they’d have to attempt to get back to the line at mere mortal speed. They did not make it.

Meaning Austin Dillon who was fastest in Round 2 will be the pole winner. Kevin Harvick will join him on the front row. And you know what? That’s totally fine.

Do Not Change A Thing

Fans on the internet were disgusted with the way things played out. They called it “embarrassing” and “pathetic.” As if this has any personal ramifications for themselves. Cody Parkey missed 4 field goals in one game and Bears fans were none the lesser the next day. Just because 12 cars couldn’t figure out how to get back to the line doesn’t make it embarrassing or pathetic. It just means they kind of suck at math/give into peer pressure.

Honestly the bigger issue here is bullying. No one wants to be that one loner, that Steven Glansberg, if you will. So everyone hangs out and waits for the other to go. It’s a pack mentality and no one overcame the pressure this time.

By no means does that mean NASCAR should change something. Single car runs are immensely boring even with non-draft package group qualifying. Why would anyone want to watch that? Fans will argue it will restore the sanctity of the race, and that’s how a field should be set. To which we will counter with the fact stage racing killed the sanctity of the actual race so who gives a damn.

If you couldn’t find entertainment/humor in what happened Friday night you’re probably the same person who reads a dumb Trump tweet and fires off your response. Just laugh at it and move on.

What NASCAR should not do is make a rash decision like they did following the 2014 Truck qualifying session at Michigan. After that session the truck series implemented single truck qualifying and it couldn’t be more boring.

Drivers/teams will figure this out. NASCAR wanted this package to be draft dependent in the race, why can’t it be draft dependent in qualifying? Seems to make sense.

But like always NASCAR will overreact because a few fans complained and the drivers moaned about it.

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