Will Kyle Busch’s New Contract Let Him Race The Indy 500?

Kyle Busch is the driver of this generation. Love him or hate him no one gets more out of a car/truck than the 2015 Cup Series Champ. The ink just dried on his extension with Joe Gibbs Racing but everyone has one question in mind.

Will this new deal allow him to run the Indy 500?

Potentially, yes.

Kyle Busch has said he had a deal in place to run the 2017 Indy 500 but was told “no” by someone in his camp. He never elaborated on who that “no” came from but speculation was it came from team owner Joe Gibbs. Imagine the 2017 Indy 500 with both Fernando Alonso and Kyle Busch in it. Somehow that media circus would have been even crazier.

Busch has stated his desire to run the world’s most famous race. Brother Kurt ran it in 2014 and finished a very respectable 6th. Being brothers, of course, you want to one-up one another and Kyle Busch might be the most competitive driver on the planet.

Over the weekend in Las Vegas Bob Pockrass said it was his understanding that Busch’s new contract had a provision in it that would allow him to run the Indy 500. Pockrass went as far to say Busch won’t have a ride for 2019 but will be shopping around a 2020 program very soon.

What A Kyle Busch 500 Could Look Like

The biggest hangup comes down to which manufacturer will Kyle Busch race for. In NASCAR he obviously drives for Toyota and is easily their biggest name. Toyota however does not participate in IndyCar.

Meaning Busch will have to race a Chevrolet or Honda powered car.


Chevrolet also races in NASCAR, you know this. Would Toyota let Busch race for Chevy in the biggest race in the world? Maybe.

One thing Toyota will not do is let Busch race for Honda. There is now way the Japanese manufacturer will let Busch race for their rival. Absolutely no chance of that happening. It’d be like Chevy letting Dale Jr. race for Ford in the Daytona 24. It absolutely will not happen.

What is likely to happen though is Busch running an de-badged motor for the month of May. We’ll all know which engine it is but the car will not carry any logos on it from the engine manufacturer. Go full Red Bull and name your watch sponsor as your engine supplier.

Busch will likely have to pick a new number as well considering Sebastian Bourdais and Dale Coyne Racing currently field the #18 car. There is however no #51 in IndyCar meaning Rowdy Busch is about to come to the speedway. Decked out in head to toe with M&M’s branding because there’s no way MARS Inc. misses out on the amount of exposure Busch is going to get.

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