By The Numbers: Was The Passing Better At Las Vegas? You’ll Be Surprised

NASCAR debuted the full version of their new “drafting package” Sunday in Las Vegas. The purpose of the package is to promote passing, side by side racing and keeping the cars bunched together.

So did it work? Technically yes.

We ran the numbers and they check out.

Yesterday’s race at Las Vegas had more green flag passes than any of the last 5 races at the track. 3,345 green flag passes on Sunday was 291 more passes than the next closes race which was back in 2015. There were more quality passes on Sunday as well than any of the last 5 races.

HOWEVER. You have to keep in mind that Sunday’s race featured no natural cautions. The first time that has happened since the fall race Talladega in 2002. There were two cautions for stage breaks on Sunday, meaning that there were 255 green flag laps of racing. Because of that everyone made green flag pit stops thus then creating more green flag passes. You all can figure that out right?

Sunday’s race was an anomaly potentially making the number of passes inflated. This isn’t meant to be critical, just merely pointing out not every race will run caution free with 255 laps of green flag racing. Unless that’s an unknown consequence of this package in which case fans are going to be FURIOUS.

The package did not produce more leaders as some predicted it would. Last year’s fall race produced more lead changes but the margin of victory this year was closer than any of the last 5 races. So there are some positives with this package.

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