Hailie Deegan Wins With ANOTHER Last Lap Pass

Hailie Deegan is now a two-time winner in the NASCAR K&N West Series after taking the checkered flag Thursday night in Las Vegas with ANOTHER last lap pass.

One lap led, one win. One lap led, two wins. In both of her wins Deegan has only led a single lap in both races. Lead one lap and leave with the trophy doesn’t seem like the worst way to win.

Deegan passed Parnelli Jones’ grandson Jagger Jones entering turn 1 on the final lap to take the lead and the trophy. Jagger got mixed up with a lap car and left a car width on the bottom for Deegan who capitalized on it. There was no “bump and run” as some people said, the contact was mutual. And if you leave a lane open you have to expect something like this is going to happen.

The top two finishers have a combined age of 33, third place finisher Joey Tanner is 29. K&N is a development series in every sense of the term and the kids are here to play. 29 isn’t even that old!

Wheeling a mutant gen 5 steel body Toyota Camry the 17-year old entering her second season asserted her self as a contender in 2019.

Unlike last year’s race at “The Bullring” outside of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, this race wasn’t marred by dusty conditions. Surprisingly enough dirt is dry in Las Vegas which created a massive dust cloud and sent drivers barreling into turn 1 with no idea what awaited them. In 2019 things appeared to go far more smoothly.

The K&N West Series is back in action March 30th at Irwindale Speedway. It’s still standing for at least the next 4 years so we might as well race there as many times until they lock the gates and throw up an ever so coveted outlet mall. Those Auntie Anne’s pretzels are to die for and who doesn’t love saving some cash at the J.Crew outlet?

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