NASCAR Is Looking To Break The Space Time Continuum With 2021 NASCAR Schedule

Now hear me out. What if I told you NASCAR could keep the same amount of races in 2021 but race less weeks throughout the year?

Let’s unwind your brain out of a pretzel real quick here. We’re talking about having 36 races in the matter of say 28-30 weeks. NASCAR is just out here trying to break the space-time continuum by creating more time. Or are they just getting smarter with the schedule?

According to Adam Stern, the sport is looking at ways to shorten the schedule in 2021. However, shortening the schedule would mean fewer races thus less TV money. Since FOX and NBC are locked into contracts to present 36 races at a current price they would likely want to renegotiate for less money if there are fewer races. That’s just basic economics.

NASCAR isn’t strong enough to bend time/create time. Tesla couldn’t even do that and now he’s dead. But you can run 36 races over 28-30 weeks if you do these things:

Double Headers

IndyCar runs one double header a year, in the past they ran a few a season and for the most part they were well recieved. Currently Detroit is the only doubleheader and full length races are held on Saturday and Sunday.

NASCAR could easily do this at places like Pocono or Michigan. These tracks don’t need two dates but what if you could give them one weekend packed full of racing? Not too bad then. And both races could be like 300 miles each.

Imagine a world where Martinsville has a doubleheader weekend. No waiting until the next short track to exact revenge, you can do it the very next day!

Full points for each race, each race is its own round.

Midweek Races

The other idea NASCAR has is to run midweek races. You know like the Eldora truck race, or the Bristol truck race until they moved it to Thursday night.

Actually love this idea but it has to be executed properly. We can’t have a midweek race in Atlanta on Wednesday and then a race on Sunday in Phoenix. That doesn’t make sense. Atlanta to Richmond would and weekend races would have to become two-day shows.

In theory that could mean from Sunday to Sunday we have three NASCAR races in the span of 7 days. That’s a hectic schedule BUT it would mean more off weeks for the guys on the road and everyone back at the shop. So while you’ll have to find something to do on Sunday,I recommend hiking or mountain biking. The guys and girls in the business will get some time to see their families who nearly forget their names and faces during the season.

NASCAR doesn’t want to compete with the NFL and College Football deep into November and that’s reasonable. However cutting the season back to only 28 races establishes other challenges. If you stay with a 10 race playoff that means the summer Daytona race would be the regular season finale. Do we really want the beginning of July to be the start of the playoffs? Or do we want the regular season to only be 18 races?

The 36-race schedule is long but if you compress the schedule to less weeks with the same amount of races it would be fine. Especially if NASCAR scraps boring race tracks in 2021 and adds some more exciting venues. Like a street race, it’s been floated. NASCAR has said “everything is on the table” let’s get wild with things. The sport needs it badly.

The most likely outcome could be 32 races with a compacted schedule meaning doubleheaders and midweek races.

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