We Got More Information About The 2020 NASCAR Schedule

During Speedweeks NASCAR President Steve Phelps gave us more information on the 2020 NASCAR schedule. There’s some good news, and some bad news.

Good News:

NASCAR is looking to shake up the schedule. 2020 is the last year of their 5 year agreement with all tracks. For those astute readers they’ve already figured out what the bad news is.

Bad News:

The 2020 schedule will consist of the same tracks we’re going to see in 2019. Not ideal considering we’re all tired of what is essentially the same schedule from like 2005. Sure some dates changed but nothing seismic.

What Will The 2020 Schedule Look Like?

According to Phelps it could look a lot different in terms of dates. However there are three dates that are completely anchored to certain weekends.

  • Daytona 500 must be mid-February
  • Coke 600 has to remain on Memorial Day Weekend
  • Southern 500 is tied to Labor Day, learned that lesson the hard way once.

Every other weekend is up for grabs. We could see some decent date changes before the 2021 schedule which we all expect to look different than the current roster of tracks.

Here are a few ideas that just popped in my dome sitting here at my desk in a suit while I eat a sandwich hoping to not get anything on my shirt.

  • Head to Sonoma in March/early April when the grass is green and it’s not 90 degrees. Seriously, look how green the grass is. Looks like a completely different track.
Image result for sonoma raceway spring
  • Make Phoenix the second race of the year.
  • Atlanta should come sometime in mid-April
  • Move Fontana to a summer date, in the sun.
  • Watkins Glen is now in July.
  • Daytona summer race should be the cutoff race for the playoffs
  • Move Kentucky to early April. One it’ll be colder for me, second, it’ll be gone early in the season.
  • Bristol night race is penultimate race of the regular season
  • Pocono 1 is a mid-May race
  • Pocono 2 is in the last weekend in July.
  • Michigan 1 and 2 should be one week apart, fuck it.
  • Martinsville’s spring race moves to the first weekend of May and is a night race.
  • Texas, Kansas, and Pocono should be a three-week stretch so we can all plan vacations around races we don’t care about missing.
  • Put the Brickyard 400 where ever you want.

If you have any ideas or want to tell me I’m dumb let us know on social.

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