Joey Logano Is Surprised Michael McDowell Wanted To Win The Daytona 500

Joey Logano came up three spots short of winning his second Daytona 500. Michael McDowell came up four spots short but Joey Logano doesn’t care about that.

You see the 2015 winner of the Daytona 500 can’t understand why Michael McDowell didn’t push him to the win.

“Typically you kind of expect manufacturers to work together like the Toyotas do or the Chevys do, and just was expecting that, as well, in that moment coming to the checkered flag,” Logano said of McDowell’s move, which helped Busch finish second while Logano placed fourth. “I was very surprised by his decision.”

Uhhh hey, Joey, he’s here to win too. You won’t see this blog back up McDowell too often, or ever but in this instance, we will. The Fords worked together all day. Half the reason Logano ran so well is because of Ford as a manufacturer working so well together. On the last lap or the last two laps it’s every man for himself out there. It’s utter chaos, everything you did the previous 495 or so miles never existed. The first driver to the line wins, who is it going to be? Not the guy pushing the #22.

I just told him that my team doesn’t pay me to push Joey Logano to a win,” McDowell said after his second career top-five finish. “That’s not what I get paid to do. At 200 mph, I made a split-second decision on what was the fastest car and who had the best shot at winning the race and that’s where I went.”

McDOWELL MADE THE RIGHT MOVE. This shouldn’t even be a conversation. Because McDowell is an underfunded team and a Ford he should push the powerhouse team to the victory? Get out of here with that mentality.

Maybe if the Fords played a little nicer with McDowell he would have worked with them. “Fords weren’t that friendly to me this weekend.” And he’s not wrong, the other Ford teams treated Front Row Motorsports like they were the poor kids in a private school on scholarship. Turns out they should have played nicer because it bit them in the ass.

Logano went to McDowell’s car after the race which was a wild move too. You refuse to work with the guy essentially the entire race then have the gall to confront him about wanting to win the race for himself. Get out of here, Joey.

Michael McDowell shouldn’t even have to answer questions about why he didn’t push Joey Logano. Imagine asking the Cubs why they didn’t lose to the Cards to help them get in the postseason under the guise of “we’re both in the NL Central.” Everyone is here to win.

“Michael why didn’t you push Logano?” – Generic stale NASCAR reporter.

“I want to win.” -Michael McDowell.

Yeah that’s it. No story here, no controversy, just a man wanting to win the “biggest” race of the season.

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