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Alright it’s finally here. The 61st running of the Daytona 500. Pretty sure we’re all excited but have reserved expectations after the week we’ve seen so far. Either way hit that refresh button every few laps to stay up to date.

Lap 1: William Byron leads the field to green and immediately hops up in front of teammate Alex Bowman on the high side. Surprise surprise.

Lap 2: Ricky Stenhouse leading the bottom lane has pulled that lane up to Bowman. Will be interesting to see what Richard can do.

Lap 4: Stenhouse leads the field on the bottom. He and Byron and side by side exiting turn 2.

Lap 5: Joey Logano dumps Bowman and now Byron is a sitting duck. Stenhouse leads easily now with Matt “we’re a little team” Dibenedetto behind.

Lap 7: Matt D leads the inside line as he challenges Ricky for the lead.

Lap 9: Logano is looking for anyway to disperse of Byron. If that happens Ford will have 6 in a row on the top.

Lap15: Logano finally dumped Byron. Bowman lets his teammate in on the bottom.

Lap 16: Low line is now the dominant line. Four Fords on the bottom. Dibenedetto and Bubba Wallace leading the top. All of the fords and others on the bottom dive to pit road.

Lap 17: Denny nearly killed the field there. No one pits this lap.

Lap 18: Ironically Kurt Busch and Daniel Suarez dive to pit road together. Suarez narrowly escapes a penalty as his gas can got stuck but detached before he left the box.

Lap 19: Someone on the apron blew a tire. It’s Corey LaJoie

Lap 20 CAUTION for Corey LaJoie throwing debris everywhere.

Lap 25: Restart and the top line didn’t go anywhere as the Fords tried to dump fellow Ford David Ragan. Stenhouse leads

Lap 28: All Fords lined up on the bottom. Everyone else is trying to catch up but they can’t figure it out.

Lap 29: Four laps after commercial FOX goes back to commercial. Sick.

Lap 34: Kyle Busch leading the low line with Denny Hamlin has pulled the bottom all the way up to second.

Lap 36: Kyle Busch leads as the bottom line has regained dominance. Stenhouse leading the top appears to be struggling a bit.

Lap 38: FOX is back to commercial so we can watch the supra drive through a pin ball machine with a Bruce Willis lookalike. Very cool, much better than racing.

Lap 42: Single file on the bottom. The Fords are STRUGGLING on the outside. JGR and HMS make up the bottom line. Complete role reversal right now.

Lap 47: Back to commercial. Just laughable at this point.

Lap 49: CAUTION. Stenhouse tags Kurt Busch and sends him sliding. Reddick punts Bubba Wallace who spins and gets hit by McMurray.

Lap 53: Restart, JGR and HMS still lead. Stenhouse is trying to get in on the action.

Lap 54: Spotters all but confirmed what we all thought. Gibbs and Hendrick have an alliance in this race and their goal is to take down the Fords. So far it his working.

Lap 57: Chase Elliott looks like he’s struggling bad. He’s on the outside falling back. Logano trying to make moves.

Lap 59: Bowman blocks Logano’s run. Kyle Busch blocks Bowman and wins Stage 1. Bowman second. Logano third, Suarez fourth, Blaney fifth.

Lap 66: Restart. Still have no clue why stage breaks aren’t quickie yellows. Logano and Suarez lead us to green. Fords in the Top 5 spots. The JGR HMS clan pitted under that caution

Lap 69: Nice.

FOX almost crashed the drone on the backstretch.

Lap 70: Matt D getting shoved by Kyle Busch on the outside. Chris Buescher blended in from the apron entering turn 1 as the field came by like an idiot.

Lap 74: Fords all dive to pit road. That puts rookie Daniel Hemric in the lead. Brad K did not pit.

Lap 75: Brad K and Kyle Larson come together. Matt Di leads with Hamlin and Kyle Busch behind him. Hamlin pits by himself. That seems incredibly dumb. Turns out they didn’t get the car full of fuel on the last stop.

Lap 77: The HMS JGR alliance is back in full force. They occupy the top 7 spots.

Lap 80: Field is all single file but we have multiple groups. The RCR group just dove to pit road.

Lap 90: Top 6 are 38.5 seconds ahead of the Ford group. And they’re catching the Fords.

Lap 91: Hamlin told to save fuel. They don’t think they got enough in, again. Denny told he’s 5-8 laps short.

Lap 97: Matt D, Kyle Busch, Alex Bowman, WIlliam Byron, Erik Jones, Chase Elliott continue to lead the field. The strategy here is interesting.

Lap 100: Halfway. Would expect this group to pit here soon. But the leaders have caught the Ford pack that includes cars from 7th to 21st.

Lapp 101: Matt D has joined that pack and is working his way through it. Don’t hate the aggressive strategy unless it back fires. Flirting with big disaster here.

Lap 106: CAUTION. Mears and Kligerman have an incident. And Kligerman isn’t too happy about it.

Lap 106: This isn’t great for the JGR HMS guys

Lap 107/108: Leaders pit. EVERYONE PITS. Fords come too. Kyle Busch wins off pit road. Byron second, Elliott third, Matt D fourth. The #95 has a JGR pit crew but they were 2 seconds slower than the #18.

Lap 111: Blaney and Keselowski stayed out and lead us to green.

Lap 113: Brad K stacks up the bottom line and from no where Aric Almirola is here to play.

Lap 116: Fords are the Top 5 and they’re single file. Willy B trying to lead the bottom line he’s up to 5th

Lap 118: Byron up to third as Blaney still leads.

Lap 119: Blaney wins stage 2, Byron finishes second. Willy B is learning quickly here.

Lap 126: Restart and William Byron jumps to the lead thanks to a push from Harvick

Lap 142: Byron leads with Jimmie Johnson behind him. Of course.


Lap 146: Jimmie Johnson leads the outside lane and he’s side by side with Byron for the lead.

Lap 154: Byron continues to lead with Stenhouse behind him. Johnson still on the outside with Harvick. Which Ford wull make the move first?

Lap 156: RCR clan dives to pit road and Brendan Gaughan checked up and Austin Dillon tags him. The #62 has rear damage.

Lap 159: CAUTION. Cody Ware collects them coming to pit road. Jimmie Johnson, Stenhouse, Reddick all involved.

So Cody Ware tagged teammate BJ McLeod. Both went spinning and the Rick Ware Wrecking Crew took out contenders Johnson and maybe Stenhouse.

Lap 162: The #48 crew are attempting to repair the Ally Camaro. Problem is the fuel can can’t plug in since the quarter panel is gone. The fuel neck is just dangling there.

Lap 163: Leaders pitted and for some reason the #24 took 4 tires and got murdered. Kyle Busch wins the race off pit road.

Lap 165: Stenhouse’s team serviced his car when he crashed onto pit road and now he’s third on this restart. But pit road had to be closed when they serviced his car?

UPDATE: They sent him to the back.

Lap 168: McMurray leads, Kyle Busch follows and Hamlin is on the outside.

Lap 169: Hamlin leads. Kyle Busch dumps McMurray and now leads the bottom line. Bowman tucks into second behind Hamlin.

Lap 170: Bowyer almost gets turned by McMurray on the backstretch.

Lap 172: Bowman thought he could pass Kyle Busch. He was wrong. But he’s still strong on the outside. JGR teammates lined up 1-2-3 on the inside.

Lap 173: CAUTION. Debris on the backstretch.

Lap 177: RESTART. Hamlin leads them, Byron on the outside trying to combat the three JGR cars on the bottom but he’s go no help.

Lap 178: ERIK JONES HAS A PROBLEM. He says he has no fuel pressure.

Lap 180: CAUTION. Kyle Larson spins in turn 3

Lap 184: Hamlin takes up back to green. McMurray stacked the top line up.

Lap 186: Top 10 are single file on on the bottom.


Never bet on the favorite for the Daytona 500.

Lap 190: Restart with 10 to. Hamlin leads us again

Lap 190: CAUTION. Paul Menard turns Matt D and wrecks half the field like Jimmie Johnson in The Clash. No one is getting hard.

Almirola’s car is headed straight for Dale Jr’s property.


Paul Menard takes blame for the wreck. “That was my bad.”

Lap 194: Kyle Busch leads up back to green adn there’s a wreck. Kyle Larson tried blocking Stenhouse and it didn’t turn out well.

Ryan Preece also parted the seas like he’s jesus.

Lap 198: Restart with Hamlin and Kyle Busch on the frotn row.

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