NASCAR Is Getting A Reality Show No One Asked For

We all want more NASCAR in our lives but no one asked for an Angela Ruch reality show. We did the research, more people actually said they wanted a BJ McLeod reality show over Angela Ruch (pronounced Ruck) aka Angela Cope.

Take a look at the trailer for The Ruch Life which maybe is a play on “the rough life” but it’s hard to tell.

First thing we have to talk about. Why the fuck was there a clip from a truck race on iRacing five seconds into the video? Do they think people actually believe that’s a race Angela is in? Baffling. Imagine watching a trailer for a Trent Richardson show and seeing a clip from Madden.

Second, no way they got the rights to that Panic! At The Disco song when the trailer starts. Not a chance The Ruch Life has that kind of cash flow.

How old is her husband? Angela is 35, my guy looks like he’s 55 wearing paisley button ups and dad jeans. You know the ones with the butt pocket flaps and the awful stitching?

And we all know Angela is in NASCAR again because her husband is dropping some cash right? Like we’ve all come to terms with that. Same reason the reality show is here.

So Angela sold some real estate to buy her ride at NEMCO for the Daytona truck race. But also they showed her at Kaulig Racing so that’s confusing. Great shots of a grinder and springs though. Top notch videographer skills.

Guessing this is showing on Facebook we’ll have a full recap of the first episode.

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