Chris Knight Out Here Trying To Spread Ridiculous Daytona 500 Rumors

Jim Utter’s spawn Chris Knight from went on the Jeff Gluck Podcast Sunday after The Clash and attempted to spread an outlandish rumor. A rumor so outlandish someone from NASCAR slid in our DM’s with a simple “what?”

Known for his love of rumors Knight isn’t a stranger to dipping his toes in the rumor mill waters on Twitter. He’s addicted to rumors. Always dropping hints, trying to spread some false information only to backtrack and act like he never said anything. That’s the rumor game though, all about the clicks/interactions.

Here is what he said on Gluck’s podcast after the two stopped moaning about The Clash, Speedweeks, and NASCAR;

“I heard some rumblings about whether or not the Daytona 500 would be the first race of the season. That’s what I’ve heard during the offseason. Some teams have pitched NASCAR “why is our biggest race the first race of the season.” *Gluck says he doesn’t want this tradition to change* “But I think people are talking. “ – Chris Knight.

Let’s Clarify Something

*clears throat*


Ok now that we’ve established that here is why. NASCAR needs the Daytona 500 to be the first race of the year. This rumor has been around for years and nothing has ever come to fruition. NASCAR needs it for a number of reasons.

First it’s tradition. NASCAR killed a lot of traditions in the 2000’s and now they’re trying to re-establish them. No way are they going to move the biggest tradition in the sport.

Second, NASCAR needs the Daytona 500 to be the first race of the year. Last year is a perfect example. Bubba Wallace’s second place finish was headlines and undoubtedly got viewers to tune in the next week at Atlanta. If NASCAR started the season at say Phoenix, it wouldn’t even come close to attracting the casual viewer. The Daytona 500 has hype around it, promotion, etc.

Third, there are people who don’t even know IndyCar has races outside of the Indy 500. St. Pete is the first race of the season in March and people are shocked to learn that. Not only that but the fact there are FIVE races before the 500. Why would NASCAR want that?

Chris Knight likely heard one crew member mention this and decided that the team was saying it and we ended up here.

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