Can You Believe Jimmie Johnson Wrecked Paul Menard On Purpose To Win The Clash?

What happened on Sunday was so blasphemous, so vile, so disgusting it shouldn’t even be on TV. Jimmie Johnson should be banned from the sport. What a so-called 7-time champ did to the people’s champ Paul Menard was despicable. It was unbecoming of a NASCAR Champion.

You know what, just take a look at this pathetic action from the #48.

As you can see JIMMIE JOHNSON DID THAT ON…. actually it was just a racing incident and will happen two more times this upcoming week. Nothing intentional here that is just how this current plate package races.

Johnson had a massive run on Menard down the back stretch as he pulled out to pass him he aggressively side drafted the #21. Which is what you have to do with this package, watch Brad he does it every race all race. As the #48 did that the #21 moved a few inches toward Johnson. Was it intentional? Probably not. Chase Elliott said on Saturday with this package the air will suck you into another car. That is what happened here. It’s a shame for Menard who ran a flawless race and had an incredibly stout car but it is what it is.

Y’all didn’t even get this mad at Austin Dillon for running over Almirola last year and you’re breaking down the Johnson film like you’re Abraham Zapruder.

Not to mention this is a non-points race. It’s really not a big deal at all who wins and who doesn’t. It’s a nice warm up before the big show next Sunday.

People Are Big Mad At Johnson

People legitimately think Johnson wrecked Menard on purpose. Not only that people think Johnson should be penalized for going below the yellow line.

Twitter is full of hot takes from people who truly believe that Johnson wrecked Menard on purpose. As if he’s Kevin Harvick at Talladega. In a race that matters so little the drivers spent majority of it running single file. The worst part out of all of this is NASCAR fans still don’t know how to spell JimmIE Johnson’s name.

Former Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson did go below the yellow line however but NASCAR ruled he was forced down there. It’s the first consistent call NASCAR has made on a plate track in quite some time. Elliott Sadler had the same type of incident at Talladega in an Xfinity race circa 2016 and NASCAR awarded him the win.

What Jimmie Johnson did was a product of this plate package. NASCAR has made it so hard to pass the leader side drafting is necessary. You’ll see more of it Thursday and Sunday. More wrecks will happen, except this time they’ll matter for something.

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