Barstool Sports Talked NASCAR Today Ahead Of Their NASCAR Show And It Wasn’t Great

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy (El Pres), the guy who got carried out of the Super Bowl over the weekend hopped on Barstool Radio today to talk some NASCAR.

Portnoy said on Barstool Radio that the company will be hosting a “college football” like live show at the Daytona 500. Details were scarce because in typical Barstool fashion things are being thrown together at the last moment like it’s Fyre Festival and Billy McFarland is on the second floor. Don’t send Andy King to Daytona though.

Barstool Radio host Riggs, lackey Tommy Smokes and Portnoy spent the first hour talking NASCAR. By talking NASCAR I mean they generalized NASCAR in the most basic way possible. I don’t mind Barstool like some people on the internet do. They have their lane, their content is sometimes funny, sometimes not. When they talk NASCAR though I pay attention.

Here is what they had to say about NASCAR:

  • They go in circles.
  • You can take beer into the track.
  • People wear jorts.
  • The accents from people in the south are funny
  • Rubbin’ is racin’
  • Talladega nights references
  • Going in circles for 2 hours

And that was about it. Just lots of talk about people going in circles and what Dave needs to wear to the race. Dave admitted to having no working knowledge of the sport. Doesn’t know the drivers, cars, what Daytona is, nothing. And he’s going to host a NASCAR show from Daytona on Barstool’s platforms.


NASCAR needs the exposure of brands like Barstool who have massive appeal among the 18-34 demographic. More importantly they need to retain that audience as well. Is Barstool the answer to retaining them? Maybe. The addition of Barstool to a race weekend certainly increases exposure. However, if Pres and company know nothing about the sport will this be anything more than a Bud Light commercial?

NASCAR is a niche sport, we’re a hostile fan base of people who are very opinionated. It’d be like me showing up to the World Cup to talk soccer. I don’t give a shit about soccer, their fans, the rules, nothing. It makes my eyes glaze over faster than a nutritionist talking to Frank the Tank. Portnoy wanted people to call in and teach him about NASCAR. He listened for all of 4 seconds before tuning out. And I don’t blame him, if you don’t care about a sport you don’t care about hearing about it. BUT, if you’re hosting a show maybe try a little.

In all honesty, though, it’s great to have a young media brand at the track finally. NASCAR media, for the most part, is stale, old, boring, pompous, looking at you Jim Utter, Chris Knight, Dave Moody. Potentially not knowing anything about the sport could lead to new viewpoints. At the same time though it’d be nice if they had one person on the crew that understands the sport. But hey, at least they’re trying. Total Frat Move tried last year and fell right on their face. Maybe Barstool can succeed? Pres has a deal with the devil and never seems to fail.

Caleb Pressley, cousin to Coleman Pressley, has covered NASCAR for Barstool in the past. His sense of humor is funny but it didn’t seem to play the last time he did Daytona 500 media. Barstool should add a motorsports writer at least then someone could feed them lines.

Who knows if this is going to happen. In between NASCAR stereotypes Pres was screaming at the sales floor for failing to provide him with details. And that’s the Barstool difference.

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