Here Is EVERYTHING NASCAR Announced Today & Big Post-Race Penalty News

NASCAR hosted all media members at the R&D Center today for their annual pre-season operational meeting. Every year NASCAR talks about personnel changes, rule changes, etc.

On Monday the governing body dropped news item after news item. Here is a list of everything NASCAR announced.

  • Ben Kennedy moves from head of the Gander Outdoor Truck Series and into a position that focuses on major projects across all three series and internationally. (What’s up Australia?)
  • NASCAR’s Gen 7 car will debut in the 2021 Daytona 500. Not much else was announced on that.
  • NASCAR has an engine agreement with all three manufacturers through the 2021 season. 2022 is the earliest a new engine layout could be introduced.
  • Qualifying in 2019 will remain the same as in 2018. Group qualifying at every track outside of Daytona and Talladega. Meaning there will be drafting in qualifying. NASCAR said “we’re in the entertainment business” and this will certainly be entertaining.
  • Qualifying will now be 10-10-5 minute rounds with 5 minutes in between rounds instead of 7. Finally, NASCAR is making qualifying more exciting with less downtime.
  • In the Homestead truck race, no drivers that are collecting either Xfinity or Cup points can race. Truck series drivers only.
  • Dash 4 Cash is back against this season in the Xfinity Series. Same tracks as last year. Bristol, Richmond, Talladega, Dover.
  • The Truck Series will have the “Triple Truck Challenge.” Win one race 50K, two wins 150K, three wins $500K .. Texas, Iowa and Gateway in June (must be declared for truck points to compete in those events).



Starting in 2019 if the winning car fails post race inspection the win will be stripped and handed to the second place car. The offending driver will lose all points as well. Meaning Kevin Harvick would have lost two wins from his career column in 2018 if this rule existed then.

NASCAR fans have clamored for this rule for the better part of a decade. What is common place at nearly every short track took it’s time meandering to the halls of NASCAR rule makers.

The room of doom will happen after the victory lane celebration. Meaning if the car is illegal the second place car won’t get the victory lane celebration but a trophy means more anyway. Also this is done for TV and running a car through tech isn’t exactly exhilarating TV for networks.

Overall NASCAR announced positive changes all around. None of the changes are head-scratching/infuriating as we’ve seen in the past. Dare I say the sport is on an uptick when it comes to logical thinking. Outside of this high drag package, maybe.

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