NASCAR Cup Series Qualifying Should Be Like This In 2019

NASCAR is set to announce how Cup Series qualifying will look in 2019 sometime in early February. Here’s the thing though, we already know what it should look like.

Exactly how it looked in 2018.

Many have expressed concern over group qualifying with NASCAR’s “high drag” package. The idea of the package is to group cars together. Many believe drafting will become a major part of the qualifying in 2019 should the group qualifying concept remain.

GOOD. Let drivers draft in qualifying. At least it adds an element of “skill” to qualifying considering all driver skill has seemingly been revoked with the 2019 package. On top of that it will be entertaining. No one wants to watch a single car run that takes 3-5 seconds longer per lap than last year. No one.

People will say but this could cause crashes in practice. Remember that time we tried group qualifying at Daytona and Clint Bowyer got wrecked? And to that I say too bad. Don’t crash.

Group qualifying is far more entertaining than single car runs as evidenced by the lack of excitement in any truck series qualifying session. NASCAR is in the entertainment business and running one car around a track at a time isn’t exciting for anyone outside of myself and 13 other people.

The Truck Series previously had group qualifying but NASCAR decided teams became too reliant on drafting thus hurting the show. The reference being the famed Michigan qualifying sessions were only 1 of the 12 trucks made it to the start/finish line in time to start a lap. The other 11 were half a straightaway late thus had no time. Ryan Blaney coasted around for pole and 11 other teams looked like fools.

NASCAR changed the format and started doing only single truck runs in qualifying. A process as boring as watching season two of The Wire or reading an outrage thread on Twitter. You have better things to do with your time.

NASCAR is set to announce what the format will in early February. If it isn’t group qualifying we riot.

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