How to watch the Chili Bowl: Pay Attention

With the Chili Bowl happening this week many race fans are wondering, how can I watch this? 

Have no fear, ApexOff has the answers to quell your concerns. There are multiple ways to watch the Chili Bowl but you have to pay close attention to those ways. 

The easiest way to watch the race? Go to Tulsa and buy a ticket to sit inside. Obviously, that’s not an option for most of us because Tulsa is in the middle of nowhere and not exactly a travel destination in January for most Americans. Or any month. And they have a 99% renewal rate on tickets like this is Lambeau Field.

You have three options if you aren’t there in person so pay attention. 


Maybe you’re one of the 49 Americans that actually have MavTV. If you are, hooray for you! The Chili Bowl will be shown live on MavTV meaning all you have to do is locate the channel, click on it and watch. Have some adult pops, eat some popcorn, do whatever your little heart desires. If you have DirectTV it’s in HD now! Only took them until 2018 to figure that one out.

If you don’t have MavTV there are other options. MavTV doesn’t offer a streaming service which they 1000% should. Mark Cuban has a big brain, I have a bigger brain. Come to me, Mark. 

RacinBoys PPV

You’re probably thinking there is no way on sweet baby Jesus’ earth I’m trusting RacinBoys for the PPV. And that totally makes sense because their name is not indicative of their work. That being said this is where you really need to pay attention. 

You can buy the 5-day pass from RBN for $125 or pay the $29.99 daily fee for the Tuesday-Saturday action. Here is the catch though. SATURDAY NIGHT’S B AND A MAIN WILL NOT BE SHOWN ON RBN. The coverage will go off the air when the ceremonies start. Meaning you’ll watch all of the action but not get to see the main event. Like paying for a boxing undercard and missing the main event. Like buying shoes but not getting laces. Like getting a couch but no cushions. You get the point. 

You’ll be paying $125 for the lead-up. You’re paying to watch everything but what you actually want to see. It’s an unbelievable business play and one they are upfront about but kind of sly about. 

Lucas Oil TV

You can also watch the race on Lucas Oil TV if you have a membership. Here is the thing about this event, it’s going to cost you $99 to watch Saturday night. It’s listed as an annual subscription event only. So if you thought you’d snake the system and get it for the $7 a month fee, you’d be wrong like me. 

Lucas Oil TV does not say it will go off the air like RacinBoys will. For $99 you get a ton of racing in 2018. ARCA races all season, the ASCS Sprint Car Series, Lucas Oil Off Road, Lucas Oil Late Model and a ton of others. Really $99 is a bargain for the amount of racing you get if you’re into that sort of thing. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking to watch the Chili Bowl and you’re looking for it on only Saturday night just get Lucas Oil TV if you can float it. You’ll enjoy it all year long and you’ll get to see who actually wins. 

Or you can game the system, tell your cable company to add MavTV to your package and then cancel it after the weekend. Which is probably the smarter move. Actually, just do that. Stick it to the man. 

One More Option

Alright, so there is one more option I’ve been toying with. FuboTV not to be confused with Fubu, is a live streaming service like YouTube TV, Hulu TV, Sling, you get the gist. Fubo happens to be the ONLY streaming service that offers MavTV as a $4.99 add on. So you can pay for a month of service at $39.99 plus the $4.99 add on. That’s still less than half of what Lucas Oil Tv cost.

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