Just How Rich Is Lewis Hamilton? He Bought His SECOND NYC Apartment And It Wasn’t Cheap

Lewis Hamilton is on top of the motorsports world making $51M USD a season just from his contract with Mercedes AMG. With endorsements, it is even higher. With all this money laying around Lewis has reportedly bought his SECOND $40M NYC apartment in 19 months.

According to Darren Rovell, the 5-time World Champ closed on his second Tribeca apartment Wednesday. Hamilton reportedly bought one of the penthouses at 70 Vestry Street for $40.7M. The building is also home to Tom Brady, so at least Lewis will have some nice neighbors to Instagram story with while he looks out across the beautiful and clean Hudson River. George Carlin was convinced his immune system was so strong because he swam in the Hudson. Not sure if Lew has a weak immune system but it could be a selling point of the property.

A rendering of 70 Vestry Street. Mr. Hamilton recently bought a penthouse at the building, which was developed by the Related Companies and designed by Robert A.M. Stern.

New York City has astronomically high real estate pricing, I’m not breaking any news here you all know that. The craziest part of this news is the fact that only 19 months ago Hamilton bought a $43.991M apartment in the same neighborhood a short three blocks away. In 19 months Hamilton has dropped $84M on two apartments and you’re sitting over here fretting about $1000 in rent. We all, in fact, do live vastly different lives than money bags Lewis Hamilton.

One good boy apartment and one bad boy apartment that hopefully Derek Jeter style gift baskets complete with signed racing gloves, a can of Monster Energy #44, Bose headphones and that shitty Blackberry the Mercedes team was trying to hawk 4 years ago.

Hamilton, of course, bought these properties through shell companies, for anonymity and of course for tax reasons. Sports fans in the United State with no working knowledge of F1 are astonished to learn that someone they’ve never heard of could possibly have this much money to spend. In typical American fashion if they don’t know about it then it isn’t meaningful.

Lewis also appears to own properties in Monaco, London, and a Colorado ranch. If nothing else he’s trying to save money on hotel/Airbnb bills and you can’t really fault him for that. Pretty frugal if I do say so myself. Here’s to hoping Lewis’ financial advisors are keeping track of everything.

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