Like every 20-something bachelorette NASCAR too is headed to Nashville for a party but one with less alcohol and no tiny penis straws, you know the ones.

According to NASCAR insider Adam Stern, the series will move their end of the season banquet from Las Vegas to Nashville for 2019 and beyond. There is no official announcement as the two sides are in negotiation but this has been a long-rumored move NASCAR was wanting to make.

NASCAR is looking to establish roots in Nashville with this move. The series is also looking to add the Nashville Fairgrounds to the schedule in an effort to add more short track racing to the schedule. Fans have clamored for more short tracks, the fairgrounds are minutes from downtown Nashville, these are moves that make so much sense only a buffoon would deny it.

In recent years there have been rumors that NASCAR may move the All-Star Race to Nashville too. If all of these things happen a NASCAR office may need to open in Nashville.

A move to Nashville makes complete sense for NASCAR at this time. Critics will say “we’re becoming a regional sport again” and that is a fair criticism. However, the sport is reeling, ratings are tanking and attendance is even worse. Maybe becoming regional again is what the sport needs to regain momentum and once again grow outside of the southeast.

For now, though moving the awards to Nashville makes sense. It’s still a destination city for fans, it’s closer than Las Vegas and it’s in a market NASCAR desperately wants to tap into.

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