Is Robby Gordon Going To Race NASCAR Again?

Robby Gordon might be about to turn 50 but the 3-time NASCAR Cup Series winner still has NASCAR on the mind. On the NASCAR on NBC Podcast with Nate Ryan, the Dakar participant had some pretty interesting things to say about NASCAR, the Indy 500 and his future in motorsports.

Gordon hasn’t been in NASCAR since 2012 and he hasn’t raced the Indy 500 since 2004 but that hasn’t stopped him from kicking around the idea of once again doing both. First up for Gordon however is the Dakar Rally in Peru where he will attempt to win the overall rally for the first time. He’ll be doing in in his own UTV as well, designed and built by Robby Gordon Motorsports with support from Textron.

Robby Gordon On The Indy 500

Gordon told Nate Ryan that they strongly considered running the Indy 500 in 2018. New body kits more similar to the days when Robby raced the 500 had to be appealing. However, like Tony Stewart, he cited Robert Wickens crash as a large deterrent for attempting a run in 2019 or the future.

Gordon did mention that his son Max Gordon may be how he comes back to the speedway. Robby made it sound like Max could have a future in the series. If he drives like his dad everyone will be quite alright with that.

NASCAR Comeback?

Robby Gordon has three NASCAR wins and a handful of runner-up finishes mostly all coming on road courses. On the podcast, he said they’ve had discussions about running road courses and every NASCAR fan should perk up at that.

“A road course could interest me,” Gordon said on the podcast. “The Roval would be a lot of fun. Today, I’d still be top of the board when it came to road racing. I think that comes down to experience and being able to control a car, and that’s exactly what my (Stadium Super Trucks) will do for young drivers.”

BRING BACK ROBBY. Imagine him slinging his car around the Roval? If nothing else Robby Gordon brought the excitement. Whether it was dumping Jeff Gordon, claiming he won at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve or that time the in-car camera equipment caught on fire at Watkins Glen and we almost witnessed a murder on television. Robby Gordon is a one-man fire show and NASCAR could use some excitement.

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