Apex Off’s Top 10 Blogs Of 2018 Also Shoutout To The Readers

We’re all here to check out the Top 10 blogs from 2018 but before that I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has read/listened this season. 2018 was our biggest year yet from a pageviews standpoint we’re up an insane amount. I still look at some of the page numbers from the summer and fall months and I’m surprised. So shout out to all of you who clicked. Things are only going to get better in 2019!

Now time for the Top 10 blogs of the year. The hotly anticipated list that everyone will be talking about  Wednesday when we get back to the office.

#10 What If Jeremy Mayfield Took The #48 Ride That Jeff Gordon Offered Him?

On Dinner with Racers Jeremy Mayfield mentioned that Jeff Gordon offered him the #48 car before he offered it to Jimmie Johnson. Imagine how different the landscape would have been if that happened. Take a look.

#9 Is There An IndyCar Video Game In The Future?

IndyCar fans want an IndyCar only video game desperately and they want Codemasters to do it. IndyCar put out a quote to Robin Miller that while they don’t have anything to announce yet they are working on something. I think I speak for everyone that isn’t iRacing when I say we need this.

#8 Race Night at Bowman Gray Gets Booted From Discovery’s TV Channel

it didn’t take long for this blog to break into the Top 10 for 2018. Discovery kicked it off the TV and straight to the app for a “lack of ratings” but based on how many people have searched for and read this blog I think Discovery may have got it wrong. You can watch the Myers Brothers, Tim Brown and the rest of the boys duke it out (literally) at Bowman Gray Stadium.

#7 Joe Gibbs Racing Is Apparently In Play For Martin Truex Jr. In 2019

Spoiler alert, he was very much in play. Truex joined JGR for the upcoming season and brought coveted crew chief Cole Pearn with him. Daniel Suarez for the boot from the #19 Toyota Camry in favor of the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series champ. Will the dynamic duo from Colorado replicate the same magic at JRG next year?

#6 Who Will Replace Kurt Busch At SHR In 2019?

Silly season puts asses in the seats like nothing else. NASCAR fans love rumors, they love hearing about where drivers may go and they love to gossip. We’re basically the British tabloids half the time when it comes to driver rumors in the garage area. So who will replace Kurt at SHR? Check out who, unless of course you know since it’s the worst kept secret in the sport at the moment.

#5 Kyle Busch Went Out With The Kids & Nursed A Serious Hangover At NASCAR Playoff Media Day

Kyle Busch isn’t as young as he once was. The father of one went out the young drivers in Las Vegas ahead of playoff media day and boy did he not fare well the next day. The 2015 champ was seen sleeping on the floor, under tables and even in the elevator as he tried to nurse and an apparent hangover from hell. It made for some funny pictures though.

#4 This Kimi Raikkonen Haiku Book Is Gold

Kimi Raikkonen is beloved around the world. Shoutout to the Asian countries pretty sure they accounted for 70% of these clicks. Team sponsor Mission Winnow published a book of haikus made up of Raikkonen radio transmissions and it’s absolute gold You can also buy it now through Autosport.com.

#3 Richard Childress Says No #27 In 2018, BUT There’s More

NASCAR fans will forever have an infatuation with RCR because of the Earnhardt days that ended 17 years ago in case you needed a reminder. But when you talk about Childress and the potential for an Earnhardt to join the team NASCAR fans can’t click fast enough.

#2 Fan Tries To Fight Kyle Busch After The Bristol Night Race (VIDEO)

Probably the most ridiculous story of the year and there was video from it. After the Bristol night race drivers have to walk out of the race track and into the cart corral outside of the track. Well, that area is surrounded by fans and NASCAR fans aren’t known for being a dry bunch. So a well lubed man decided to get in Kyle’s face, something you should never do to any athlete because what’s the end game? Credit to Kyle he was ready to throw hands right there.

#1 Joe Gibbs Racing Ultimately Killed Furniture Row Racing

This was a story that needed to be told and man we’re people quick to click on it. While the rest of NASCAR media acted like ostriches with their head in the sand ignoring that this happened and blaming sponsors for leaving we talked to some people. JGR nearly tripled the cost of the alliance they had with FRR making it impossible for Barney Visser to afford to run his race team anymore. If you can’t beat them you might as well kill them. Gibbs played their hand and a lot of people noticed.

We’re excited to get 2019 going. Zach and I have plans to be at a lot of different races again this year and hopefully, tracks will keep giving us media passes because man that makes going to a race weekend so much better.

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