Race Night at Bowman Gray Gets Booted From Discovery’s TV Channel

“Race Night at Bowman Gray” aired for a total of three weeks on the Discovery Channel before getting the boot. The show will now be shown exclusively on the DiscoveryGo App although additional episodes have not been added yet.

The show debuted with zero promotion from Discovery. “Race Night at Bowman Gray” is the successor to the 2010 History Channel show “Madhouse” which followed teams for a season that the stadium. That edition of the show only lasted 1 season as well but never got booted to the app.

Flashforward to 2018. Discovery once again decided to follow the Myers Brothers, Tim Brown and a couple of new guys around. Unfortunately, the show suffered from some poor editing, questionable noises piped in, bad radio transmissions and other small things. Combine that with a lack of drama and you had a recipe for a short life.

Bowman Gray is known for drama yet somehow the most drama they could garner up was Tim Brown maybe spraining his thumb. For the most part, the on-track product was poorly shot and the lack of on-track aggression doomed the show.

It’s a shame to see RNABG go away so quickly. Madhouse was universally loved by most who watched it. There were rivalries, there was drama and there were characters. They weren’t the fake Street Outlaws type of characters, these were just guys who liked to race and if you’hung around a garage long enough you know those type of guys.

No official reason was given for the shows move to the app. You can assume it was ratings driven. All Discovery had to do was put together a commercial and show it during the NASCAR Playoffs. Instead, they just showed it Monday night and assumed people would find it? If you live outside of Winston-Salem or missed Matthew Dillner slipping it into the Dale Jr Download months ago you didn’t know this was happening.

RIP in peace to Race Night at Bowman Gray. If only they put Chris “The Showstopper” Fleming in the show.

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