Black Friday Guide For NASCAR Fans

Black Friday is here and Walmart didn’t have the vacuum you were looking for. Target sold out of the blender and Best Buy wouldn’t finance a $1,673 TV for you. The good news is NASCAR teams are offering some pretty good discounts so you can still cover your body in Chase Elliott’s face.

Here is a complete list of each team/site giving a discount.

Fanatics – 20%

Fanatics is still selling NASCAR merch even though they ended their NASCAR merch trailer contract like 7 years early. The tent was a better idea than the trailers but what do I know? Good news is the site has a ton of great NASCAR stuff but the discount doesn’t work on diecasts. If you’re looking for something not over the top check out the Darlington section, tons of good stuff in there.

NASCAR – 25%’s official shop has a great 25% off deal going for you. I’m not sure if the discount works on diecasts the website wasn’t responding when I was using it. Apparently, all the Ryan Blaney fans wanted their race win Roval diecast that’s promised before September of 2019!

Hendrick Motorsports – 30%-50% 

So the HMS website says 30% off when you add hats and shirts to your cart your total is 50% off the list price. Listen I’m not complaining I’m just saying. If you wanted a Lord Byron hat right now is your time to jump on it.

Joe Gibbs Racing – 35%

If you wanted to snag some Daniel Suarez merch now is your chance! Sorry to the 14 MTJ fans out there, no merch on the site yet. There is some Denny stuff you might want to get when he announces his unexpected retirement.

Stewart-Haas Racing – Maybe 15%?

The deals aren’t great here. Fanatics and make the most sense for SHR fans. Gene is losing fistfuls of money in F1 he can’t afford to give discounts. Well, that and he’s probably still paying off his tax crimes.

Team Penske – Nothing, Free Shipping On Orders Over $25

This is the most Team Penske thing ever. Those starch shirt, pressed pant wearing robots aren’t here to save you money. They’re here to maybe fix races and sell things at the MSRP.

Roush Fenway Racing – Free Shipping On Orders Over $100

Listen, Jack and company are in a bad place. They wanted a fast driver for the #6, they got Newman. They lost Lilly meaning Ryan Reed is out. They can’t afford to be giving merch away at the moment and that’s fine. Keep on chugging RFR.

Direct Driver Apparel –  20% 

If you’re looking to support your favorite driver check out DDA first. The merch here looks way better than anything NASCAR sells and the money is better for drivers. With official NASCAR merch drivers make pennies on the dollar. Through DDA they make a way bigger profit. Not that they need it but at least it isn’t going to Fanatics or something.

Plan B Sales – Black Friday Blowout

Plan B is a fan favorite with their diecast selection. They’re having a Black Friday Blowout with some good prices on random things. Scroll through and maybe you’ll find something that catches your eye.

JR Motorsports – Varying

America’s favorite Xfinity team has varying levels of discounts for Black Friday. Take a look and decide how much you want to spend on a spiffy Michael Annett hat and matching t-shirt.

Kyle Busch Motorsports – Discount Page

Some really solid deals on the KBM site if you’re into guys with baby faces in chubby cheeks.

If there are better deals out there tweet them to us @ApexOff





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