Liberty Media Is Interested In NASCAR If It Is For Sale

When Liberty Media purchased Formula 1 people were taken aback by it. A media company, an Amerian one at that just purchased the biggest motorsport series in the world. Interesting. Now according to NBC, the media company would be interested in acquiring NASCAR if it were to officially be made available.

The France family would first have to sell NASCAR which sounds like more of a chore than it should be. If they were to slap a “For Sale” sign on it and park it by the street Liberty Media says they would certainly take a look at it. NASCAR fans should be overjoyed with that news.

Why Should NASCAR Fans Be Overjoyed?

Great question astute reader of the blog. NASCAR fans should be overjoyed first and foremost because someone new would own the sport and run it. New faces and new ideas is something NASCAR desperately needs. The sport has been spinning its tires for a decade now trying to find their identity. Let Liberty Media define that new identity.

When Liberty took over F1 they immediately got to work on F1 TV a streaming service of live races, practices, telemetry, and team radios. In addition, there is a library of old races for you to watch. NASCAR needs that and they needed it in 2014. Sure the launch of the service was marred by technical difficulties but what do you expect from the people who designed SiriusXM satellite radio. If the trees are too high you lose signal. Streaming live events around the world is difficult.

Liberty would also shake up the schedule. They don’t have an allegiance to Kansas, Pocono, Dover, Michigan or any other boring race track. With the F1 schedule, they have worked hard to add new races and arrange the calendar in a way that makes sense. They’re still working on adding new races. Imagine what they could do with the NASCAR schedule. NASCAR President Steve Phelps said last week during his State of the Sport address that “fans want less cookie cutter tracks, whatever that means.” If he doesn’t know what that means he’s part of the problem. Let Liberty put together a schedule. “Street race in Las Vegas? Brilliant. Nashville short track? Let’s do it.” It’ll be like living with a crack head, no idea is a bad idea.

A change in ownership wouldn’t be bad. One thing that Liberty will need to do though is understand NASCAR fans and teams before making wholesale changes. F1’s stock price has plummeted recently due to Liberty’s failure to understand what the sport needs. For the most part though a change in leadership can only be good for NASCAR. Gimmicks can only take you so far and we ran out of gimmicks 5 years ago.

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