Nissan Offered Fernando Alonso How Much To Race Formula E?

Nissan desperately wants to make a splash in Formula E this upcoming season. The manufacturer needs some positive headlines after their chairman was arrested. So they offered Fernando Alonso a contract. Not just any contract, no sir.


Nissan offered the two-time Formula 1 champ thirty-eight million dollars. They offered him his F1 salary essentially, an absolutely preposterous move from an FE team. Alonso’s salary could cover all the driver salaries in the series combined. Just make Alonso the director of the series while you’re at it. Name him the new chairman of Nissan too.

Formula E landing Alonso would be a huge steal for the series. In a series full of F1 outcasts and burnouts landing one of the biggest names in F1 would be a coup de tat for the series. IndyCar thought they would be the one to land Alonso’s star power. At least they’ll get him for the Indianapolis 500 in 2019.

When you think about it this is an insane offer for Alonso. Sure the cars are slow, the ratings aren’t great, and most motorsport fans couldn’t give a damn about FE. Case in point the empty tab on this website. But $38M is still $38M. Putting around some makeshift street circuits filled with chicanes and hairpins almost seems worth it for that price.

On the flipside blasting around Sebring and flying down the Mulsanne straight seem way more fun. There is no way Alonso’s Toyota contract would allow him to pilot a Nissan.

Lost in all of this is the fact the FE season starts in under a month. Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour to get a driver.

Good try Nissan, I hear Jamie Alguersuari’s services are available if you want a Spaniard still.

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