Is Jeremy Mayfield Making A NASCAR Comeback?

The embattled Jeremy Mayfield once blackballed from NASCAR could be making a comeback. The five-time Cup Series winner stirred up the interwebs this week when Truck Series owner DJ Copp posted this;

Jeremy Mayfield is rocking a Clemson hat looking like this is his damn truck. Copp is in the background looking like he just hit the damn Powerball and he has if this comes to fruition. At least for a few weeks, he has. Can this actually happen though?

Mayfield’s story is a long one. An odyssey that makes even the most complex stories read like the Berenstein Bears. Up to this point, Mayfield has refused to admit any wrongdoing that resulted in a suspension from NASCAR.

Mayfield was suspended in 2009 for methamphetamines following a random drug test. He has vehemently denied these accusations and his story is rather believable. One thing Mayfield has never wanted to do is NASCAR’s Road To Recovery program. Catchy name, this is NASCAR after all. But Mayfield believed completing the program was an admission of guilt and he’s not guilty.

NASCAR said this week nothing with Mayfield’s status has changed, he is still suspended by NASCAR and needs to complete the recovery program. We’ve seen guys get through the program pretty quickly. AJ Allmendinger and Spencer Gallagher are two of the most recent examples. Mayfield could buckle down and get it complete this offseason.

Mayfield has also been outspoken about his disdain for Brian France. Now that France has his own legal trouble with controlled substance abuse perhaps Mayfield views this as his chance to re-enter the sport?

As for the team he might be making his return for. Copp Motorsports isn’t GMS Racing, they aren’t competing with Thor Sport, but they’re a team that shows up. Up to this point, the team only has two Top-10 finishes in 47 races. Mayfield will immediately be the most talented driver they put in a truck should they land him and he hasn’t raced in that series since 2006.

2009 at Richmond in the spring was the last time Jeremy Mayfield raced in NASCAR. Could we be close to a return a decade later? We’d certainly like to see it happen just for closure to this absolutely wild story.

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