FIGHT NIGHT:Max Verstappen Shoves Esteban Ocon Post Race In Brazil

Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon may be the future stars of Formula 1 but the two were not fans of one another Sunday afternoon in Brazil.

As Max Verstappen led the race and appeared to be headed to his 6th career victory Esteban Ocon was on fresher tires. The Force India driver and Mercedes junior driver attempted to unlap himself going into turn 1. In the Senna esses, he collided with Verstappen. Watch the video of it;

Esteban was aggressive but Max had everything to lose. He easily could have let Ocon go and cruised. Instead, he gave the Force India no room, Ocon hits the curb and then takes a shark bite out of the floor on Verstappen’s car. Max spins, Lewis Hamilton passes him and he goes on to win the race.

Verstappen was relegated to second and was closing in on Hamilton in the waning laps. Unfortunately for everyone at home no last lap pass or dive happened. But there was still the possibility and that’s what F1 is all about. “Well, it almost happened!”


Fights are common in NASCAR. Generally, they’re just a lot of shoving but every now and then you see a Jeff Gordon/Brad Keselowski brawl. Maybe a Marcos Ambrose v. Casey Mears type of thing. Usually, though it’s a lot of shoving. Where fights aren’t common is in F1.


Well kind of, Max shoved Ocon multiple times. Still, though, it’s something we don’t see often.

Max should have been mad. Esteban should have been mad. It was a racing incident between two young guys. Max got two days of community service which is a hilarious penalty. He apologized and said he was “triggered.” He didn’t have the “firey italian heritage” to fall back on like Dale Coyne’s new driver does.

The best part of the video had to be Brendon Hartley and Valtteri Bottas’ reactions. Hartley turned around to see what was going on and then had this look like “I’m not going to be here next year, I’m not stopping it.” Bottas meanwhile watched the whole thing happened but I don’t think he even saw it happening. He just kept waiting in line like he was ordering at Taco Bell after midnight and some shit was going down.

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