Do We Actually Believe Tony Stewart Has Been Offered This Many Indy 500 Rides?

If you listen to Tony Stewart every IndyCar team that has won an Indy 500 in the last two decades has offered him a ride for the 500. Whether it is 2019 or 2020 if you take Stewart at what he is saying the who’s who of IndyCar wants him. Now apparently an international team wants him too.

Tony Stewart spoke with Kyle Petty this week and he dropped a little news we hadn’t heard up to this point. According to Stewart, he was approached by McLaren to run the Indianapolis 500. Yes that McLaren, the once great Formula 1 team who ran Fernando Alonso in the 2017 Indy 500.

Here’s the thing. Do we actually believe McLaren approached Stewart?

Up to this point, Tony Stewart has said he has offers from Team Penske, Andretti Autosport, Rahal Letterman Lanigan, and Chip Ganassi. Literally the elites of IndyCar. The Team Penske offer is true. Would Penske ever do it though? Absolutely not, they wouldn’t even run Montoya in a fifth car this year and he’s won the race twice.

Listen I love Tony Stewart. He’s a guy who speaks his mind, he’ll drive anything anywhere and he’s not afraid to get dirty. But come on man. Every IndyCar team wants a 49-year-old driver to hop in the car for a one-off race? A guy who hasn’t been in an IndyCar since 2001. It just seems highly unlikely the elite teams would go out of their way to support a one-off effort for Stewart.

He has said that he doesn’t want to be a “sideshow” like Danica was this season. Which makes no sense in all honesty. Having been at the speedway this past May she wasn’t a sideshow. She had legitimate speed and was solid in the race. Stewart lets his own personal vendetta get in the way sometimes. And the thing is he’d be a way bigger sideshow than Danica. AARP would be there promoting an older driver making a start again. We can rename him Sideshow Bob because he’d have a hoard of media around him.

If Brett Favre came out and said the Patriots, Packers, Rams, Chiefs, and Saints were all offering him a spot if he wanted to come back we’d laugh in his face. For some reason with Tony Stewart, we think he has legit offers.

So did McLaren come calling? I don’t have access to Tony’s phone records but why would McLaren want an old guy with no experience in these new Dallaras? McLaren has a Rolodex of guys ahead of Stewart.

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