Martin Truex Jr. Complains: Martinsville Edition

Joey Logano punched his ticket to the championship race in Miami with a last lap bump and run on Martin Truex Jr. A move that Truex not only called “chickenshit” but booed Logano with the backing of the crowd as well.

Take a look at the “chickenshit” move.

That’s a textbook bump and run. If there was a “How To Win A Race 101” class this would be Chapter 4 “how to win races on the last lap when you’re in second.” Logano just wrote the whole damn chapter and it didn’t include “dump the leader.” Just a simple, square hit to the #78’s bumper to move him up the track. TEXTBOOK.

After the race, Truex was all pissy eyed about it. “He may have won the battle but he won’t win the war.” Ok, Martin.  His whole gripe was with the fact he raced Logano so clean for 6 laps and the #22 did that to him. Listen, man, you made the choice to race him clean no one said you had to. Honestly, Truex should have moved Logano. Truex knew that move was coming even if he wants to play the victim. He put himself in that position and he has to live with it. Lash out and sound like a child, take your ball and go home but you knew what was going to happen.

“They said we couldn’t run well at Martinsville” this is coming from the guy who finished second in this exact race last year. Listen the frustration Truex and his team have to feel knowing their days together are numbered is something we don’t understand. But come on guys, it’s short track racing.

Crew Chief Cole Pearn confronted Logano’s Crew Chief Todd Gordon on pit road after the race. Like just chill out, man. It’s short track racing.

This #78 team complains so much. They complained at the Roval, they complain when someone races them hard, they complain when someone passes them. Kevin Harvick loves to blame other people, Truex loves to complain about other people. Run your race, be ruthless, win the damn race that way. You either be a Kyle Busch or you end up a Mark Martin. And I love Mark Martin but he could more wins and a championship if he was ruthless.

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