Max Verstappen Was Big Mad After Not Winning The Pole In Mexico

Max Verstappen was big mad on Saturday after losing out on pole to teammate Daniel Ricciardo.
The dutch kid came into the makeshift parc ferme on the front stretch and paid no respect to the #2 bollard that was sitting in front of him. Just a ruthless move from a frustrated kid who wants to win a pole.
“Max has never won a pole?”
Right you are, Ken. He has never won a pole and this was likely his best shot to win one before he passes Sebastian Vettel for being the youngest pole winner ever. Max has two more shots at being the youngest ever and neither track particularly suit the Red Bull.
Teammate Daniel Ricciardo captured pole as his Red Bull career winds down. This will likely be his last pole for at least two years as he joins Renault next season who aren’t expected to compete until 2021.
But for now Max is mad and that poor bollard is doubly as mad.
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