We Got Our First Look At “Racing Wives” And We Need To Talk

Lake Norman, terrible southern accents, and brewing animosity is setting Racing Wives up to be a “real life” reenactment of Talladega Nights.

That’s what we’re in for come January when “Racing Wives” takes to the air on CMT.  We got our first preview of the show and it is everything we thought it was going to be and more.

First things first, the voices in this show are some of the worst on all of television this side of Rosanne at Wrigley. Screeching sounds exiting the mouths of most women on this show will make it a struggle to get through the first episode let alone the season. Having never heard Whitney Dillon speak before this teaser I was shocked to learn the voice matched the appearance. Samantha Busch we’ve all known for years that her voice is less than pleasing to the ears. Like listening to Yoko Ono attempt to sing, mute will be your friend at times.

Naturally, we get some glamour shots of Lake Norman in this show which is great. Water, houses, windows, boats, Lake Norman. But why were the Gordons mentioned in this? You want to talk about Lake Norman homes fly over Denny Hamlin’s spatial estate. Dude bought three houses to build his one and turned the whole street into a private drive. Of course his girlfriend Jordan was supposed to be on the show but likely saw the premise and was like nah we good.

It is laugh out loud funny they go from the Busch sisters-in-law talking about how they’re married to “champions.” Remember there is no mention of NASCAR in this show, actually smart. To go straight from the Busch’s to Whitney Dillon who can only say her husband “won Daytona” is so mean. Won it because of attrition too.

The Monster Models think they’re the baddest women on the planet.

“I kinda opened the door for drivers to marry Monster models.” – Whitney Dillon seems to think she was the first model to go from trophy girl to drivers wife. Please. Drivers have been snatching up trophy girls for decades. Jeff Gordon married one for christ sake. Tim Richmond would have married 12 of them if he could have. You’ll be shocked to learn this but it appears Whitney Dillon overinflates her standing in the NASCAR world.

Whitney Dillon does most of the talking in the teaser so I have to talk about her real quick. This show was 100% her idea, no doubt about that. He demeanor, mannerisms, and voice all come across as a 16-year-old southern valley girl and a 28-year-old woman who has been overly influenced by Bravo shows. She’s a person but in shell form, the insides are very much comprised of Instagram filters, vines, and Real Housewives. Very strange human.

Of course, there is going to be drama, forced drama but it’ll be there. Whitney Dillon and her friend Mariel will definitely be the troublemakers and will piss Samantha Busch off. If Fanduel wants to let us bet on that I’ll but a band on it today.

Last thing, the girl Amber Balcaen that they showed who is a late model driver. Take a look at her Racing Reference page. Without a doubt, CMT funded her late model season this year for the show. She’s an older Natalie Decker and you can interpret that comparison however you please.

January 3rd this show starts which is great. That dead week between New Year’s Day bowls and the National Championship is the perfect time to tune in.

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