Could A NASCAR Race Happen In Australia Next Year?

Everything can kill you in Australia but that apparently hasn’t deterred NASCAR as they look down under for a possible exhibition race and possibly pry Marcos Ambrose out of his resort.

Penske V8 Supercars driver Scott McLaughlin will demo Joey Logano’s #22 Ford Fusion at the Surfers Paradise street circuit.

According to, the series could be pulling a reverse Crocodile Dundee and head to  Australia as soon as next season to run an exhibition race on the Gold Coast. McLaughlin will undoubtebly give his feedback on the car and how it felt around a street circuit. NASCAR has been toying with the idea of running a street circuit and this could be their first foray into giving that a try.

Surfers Paradise is no stranger to American series having hosted the IndyCar Series from 1994-2008. Fun fact in 2008 I was sitting in a dorm making this girl wait to go out because Surfers Paradise was on. She left and I watched Ryan Briscoe win, well worth it.  Now the Australian domestic V8 Supercars series races at the circuit in the Gold Coast 600.

At 1.8 miles Surfer’s Paradise is the perfect length for a NASCAR road course/street circuit. With only 9 corners, some decent straights and a couple of chicanes that will wreak ( Dillon brothers still think it’s reek) havoc the circuit could put on a hell of a NASCAR show.

Surfers street circuit.png

Let Me Spinzone This Real Quick

This is the perfect opportunity for NASCAR to try out a street circuit. Australia is on the other side of the world, you’ve seen a map, you know. Because of that, they are 15 hours ahead of the east coast. Meaning if NASCAR goes with a 2 PM local start time that is 11 PM on the east coast on a Saturday night. Not that many people will be watching if it is even broadcast.

With fewer eyes on the experiment if it fails well who cares, not that many people saw. If it is a success then we know NASCAR can host a street race in the states. It is a long way to go for an experiment but a logical one if NASCAR buys the V8 Supercar Series and if they truly want a street race.

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