Jimmie Johnson Pulls A Great Prank On Martin Truex Jr. & Cole Pearn

After last week’s race at the Charlotte Roval Martin Truex Jr. and his #78 team were incensed that Jimmie Johnson “took them out.” In reality, Johnson spun himself out in the final chicane and collected the #78. Nothing malicious about what the #48 did he was just a guy looking for a trophy.

The #78 team treated the incident like Johnson was Noah Gragson and just bodied his way through which couldn’t be further from what happened. Either way, Truex and Pearn weren’t happy which is understandable as there is only a finite amount of time left for them as the #78 team.

So during the week Truex and Pearn told Jimmie Johnson that he could make it up to them by getting the #78 team road bikes. Johnson is an avid road cyclist and is responsible for getting much of the garage into cycling. Johnson obliged and got the team road bikes to make up for his mistake last weekend, even though he didn’t wreck the #78 on purpose. I can reiterate that point enough.

This is what the #78 were expecting to receive. A nice lightweight, shiny new, Trek (or whatever brand Johnson rides). These bikes are EXPENSIVE, I’m talking more than your first car expensive.

Image result for trek road bikes

Instead, this is what Johnson got the #78 team and left at their hauler;

People call Jimmie Johnson “vanilla” but that is an absolutely hilarious move by ol’ 7-Time.

They never specified what kind of road bikes they wanted. Jimmie bought them road bikes, complete with streamers and in some cases a basket.

By far one of the best jokes played in the garage area this year. Hopefully, Cole and Martin found the humor in it as well and donate the bikes to a good cause. Or their daughters are about to be pumped.

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