Kyle Busch Is A Confirmed Two-Time Sex Haver

On Tuesday night Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha announced they will be having a second kid.

Meaning Kyle is a confirmed two-time sex-haver now. That’s two more confirmed times than myself so mazeltov to them. They even put out a video announcement. I’ll be honest, happy couples make me cringe.

Ok, so I don’t exactly know how IVF works. Does Kyle lay the pipe then they do this IVF thing? Is a turkey baster involved? How do they know they’re having a girl? Are we able to pick the genders of our kids now? If so I’m out on having a kid. I don’t want to have that conversation with my future wife/girlfriend. Better off letting Siri flip a coin than have that conversation. Genetically modified kids should come with an asterisk on the class list sheet. *GMK just so we know.

NASCAR drops the 2019 package on us Tuesday afternoon (read about it here) and now Kyle wants me to think about IVF. I can only process one package at a time.

It sounds like we’re all about to learn about IVF though which in all seriousness is pretty cool. Most of us know nothing about it and apparently, it is hard for people to have kids. Always hard for good people to have kids, seems to be easy for bad people with no stability to have them. We all could easily look up IVF and learn about it but I’ll just follow along on Twitter, it’s 2018.

Ps. Kyle seems like a great dad but I hope their daughter looks like Samantha.

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