NASCAR Owners Vote In Favor Of Drafting Package In 2019

According to Adam “Woj” Stern NASCAR owners voted in favor of using the controversial drafting package in 2019.

The “All-Star” package as it has been named following its debut at the, you guessed it All-Star Race this season received mixed reviews. Fans were split on it, drivers have been negative about it but NASCAR is full speed ahead with their plans to use it in 2019.

Essentially NASCAR has a track/car problem. The Gen 6 car in its current form absolutely stinks out loud on 1.5-mile tracks. With the exception of Chicagoland and Las Vegas #2, 1.5-mile tracks are complete bores. Downsizing is more entertaining and that movie put me to sleep on a plane, and I had never fallen asleep on a plane.

As Stern said, the number of races it will be used in is undetermined. Earlier in the season, it was mentioned that the package would be used everywhere except Atlanta and Fontana. Things may have changed though.

On this week’s episode of Door Bumper Clear spotter, Brett Griffin said the owners voted on this recently. Part of the vote was to keep one version of car for next year. According to Griffin, the owners didn’t want the financial burden of fielding two vastly different cars for 2019. Meaning even at short tracks Cup cars will have tall spoilers and air ducts on the nose but not restrictor plates.

If you aren’t familiar with the drafting package it’s essentially changes to four key areas. Air Ducts are added to the nose of the cars to create greater airflow around cars. The splitter is being changed to the 2014 version. The spoiler is 6″ tall with 12″ ears on the ends of the spoiler. And finally, a restrictor plate is added.

NASCAR’s goal is to bring the cars together and create side by side racing. Critics say it isn’t true racing and it takes the drivers skill out of the equation. It’s a valid criticism and one NASCAR has tried to spin. While drafting takes a certain skill, a driver’s ability to manage the throttle and tires is part of what separates good drivers from bad drivers. With this package, those skills are taken out.

Look for a formal announcement from NASCAR in the coming weeks.

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