Brad Keselowski’s Dad Went How In A Dodge Charger Cup Car?

While Brad Keselowski has spent the last three weeks stealing NASCAR Cup Series wins and establishing himself as part of the new “Big 4” his family has been up to something different.

Brad’s brother Brian and their father Bob took an old Ganassi Dodge Charger out to the Bonneville salt flats to see just how fast they could go. According to Brian, they were using a Nationwide series Dodge R5 motor. Obviously, some aero pieces were added to the car to prevent lift and improve aerodynamics.

Check out the time slip he was handed at the end of his pass;


Running 270 miles per hour in any car is impressive but to do it with a Nationwide series engine from 2012 and in a cup car that is pushing a decade old. We’ve all known NASCAR engines were quick that’s why the series restricts them. And because Dodge didn’t design an airplane they designed a car so it was pertinent to make sure that it remained to beĀ a car.

According to Brian he and his dad have been working on this car for 4-5 years. It’s made one trip to the wind tunnel and the dyno for the engine came back at 740 HP. Brian said on Twitter he thinks 300 mph is possible with some more aero tweaks.

Bonneville gave every NASCAR fan the information we wanted to know. Just how fast can one of these cars go if you could run wide open for a few miles. Now we know, 271.8 MPH is the answer. Sure that’s with some enhancements aero wise but it’s still incredible to see a stock car do that.

Now imagine what speed a full effort backed by a team could get. Brian and Bob did this together without the help of a manufacturer or an armada of engineers. 300 mph would be the base with a fully funded effort like that.

What Brian and Bob did is incredible. Just two guys, father, and son that wanted to do something badass. They loaded the trailer up and made the trek to the salt flats and that’s what Bonneville is all about. Sure the over-engineeredĀ cars going for speed records with deep pocket financiers are cool. Watching two guys do it as the Keselowski’s did is pretty cool to see.

The Keselowskis just keep winning.

Ps. Bobby Gerhart was there too, you know the ARCA guy who won 8 Daytona races to start the year. He took a pass in the car but could only do a measly 266 mph.

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