NASCAR Still Hasn’t Fixed Watkins Glen On The Championship Trophy

Last season when NASCAR and Monster unveiled the monstrous¬†(apropos right?) trophy for winning the Cup series championship some people noticed something wasn’t quite right.

The trophy features the layout of every circuit on the schedule, woven together in a lovely mess like a Target waste bin. A nice modern look on the trophy except for one little detail.

The Watkins Glen layout isn’t the one the Cup series uses. The boot is on the trophy and while we all want NASCAR to run the boot they vehemently refuse to. That hasn’t stopped them from using it on the trophy though. For the second straight year, the trophy has not been corrected and it makes no sense other than it’s NASCAR. *shrug emoji*

Take a closer look as we break down the picture like it’s the Zapruder film and Abraham is looking over my shoulder.

The only thing, and I mean the only thing I can think of is this. NASCAR/Monster put the boot on the trophy because it looks more like a road course than the regular layout NASCAR uses. More corners look more impressive than essentially an awkwardly shaped oval with a chicane.

Either that or the series and Monster are too cheap to get a new trophy made. The champion doesn’t get this massive trophy, they get a smaller, easier to carry trophy. One that doesn’t make Lord Stanley feel inferior. Instead of replacing it the series keeps parading this same incorrect trophy around.

There is a 0% chance anyone on the NASCAR social team knows that’s the wrong Watkins Glen layout. At this rate, it seems like no one knows that’s not the layout. Maybe it is the layout.

Am I crazy? Have we been running the boot the whole time and I didn’t realize it? I think we’re living in different NASCAR worlds and this other world is getting cooler race tracks. We’re living in Interstellar and these people are in the future, they’re living in a different time frame but we get to watch it. McConaughey better get here quick.

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