Jack Roush Confrims Trevor Bayne Will Not Return In 2019

Jack Roush was on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio talking to Claire B. Lang Wednesday night and the topic of Trevor Bayne and the #6 car came up. Until this point, there was nothing official from the team regarding Bayne’s status for 2019. Bayne mentioned he did not believe he would be back with the team in 2019 but there had been nothing official from the team.

Until Wednesday night when Jack Roush had this to say about Trevor Bayne when asked by Claire B.

“We’re making a search, we’re in negotiations with drivers for the 6 car. I think the decision has been made, and I don’t want to be breaking news here. But I think the decisions been made and it’s been announced that Trevor won’t be in the car next year. Who we’re talking to and how close we are in negotiations I’m not at privilege to say” a groggy sounding Roush said.

And just like that, it is now official. Trevor Bayne will 100% not be returning to the #6 car he has driven since 2015. Bayne fell victim to the Roush downfall, he joined the team at the worst possible time. A team watching their veterans defect while their engineering staff rushed back to school in an effort to catch up.

Jack isn’t in great shape having seen him at a few races wandering around the garage. The fact he’s out here breaking news that he thinks has already been told is another bad look for the old guy and the company.

As for who Jack wants in the car he had this to say.

“What kind of driver do you want in that car?” Claire B.

“I want someone fast” – Jack

Here’s the thing Jack, Trevor, and Ricky are fast. Your cars aren’t fast, your engineering staff can’t produce fast cars. Drivers can take bad equipment and make it better. They can’t take awful equipment and be winners. Square blocks won’t fit through round holes.

RFR is apparently in negotiations with a few drivers. One of those is rumored to be Ryan Newman.

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