Indianapolis Motor Speedway Has Some SERIOUS Trouble Spelling NASCAR Driver’s Names

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is chock full of traditions. One of those traditions is hanging the driver’s name above their garage stall. It’s an Indianapolis 500 tradition that the track continued to do when the Brickyard 400 is born. It’s one of those unique little things that doesn’t seem like much but is still a cool touch.

That is if your name is spelled correctly.

As NASCAR teams moved into their garage stalls for the weekend a number of drivers quickly discovered someone at IMS doesn’t know how to Google. At least 4 drivers had their names misspelled and hung above their garage door. Some were worse than others but it still begs the question, how do you spell Fittipaldi and Luyendyk correctly but not Ragan?

Brad Keslowski and Clint Bower

To be fair Brad has a ridiculous Polish name, there are too many vowels for one person’s last name. Keselowski is the proper spelling so maybe we’ll give the intern a pass on this one. But still, Google it guys. I’ve been to Indianapolis, the internet has made it there I promise.

Misspelling Clint Bowyer’s name is just poor phonetic spelling. Someone sounded it out and thought that was correct. Did they just freehand the name list? Like a group of people sat around and just throughout names? They didn’t look at the NASCAR points or anything like that for reference? Because Bower does not sound like Bowyer. It’s a silent “w” like knot except that’s a “k” but you get it.

Justin Algaier

Alright so they forgot an “L” common mistake. Allgaier has a tricky name but most people screw up on the “I before E except after c” part of his name. Or maybe they forget that second “A” but the double “L” just seems logical.

David Ragen

Ok back to spelling things phonetically, someone definitely just tried to sound this one out like a first grader reading the Berenstein Bears. I can almost understand this one but once again, the internet. Ragan has raced there every year since 2007 you would think they could get the spelling correct.

IMS’ Response

IMS President Doug Boles apologized to drivers on Twitter in the most appropriate way possible. By making fun of his own staff’s screwup. Boles inadvertently tweeted like a Spongebob meme which he 100% has no clue about regardless of how in touch he is.

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