It’s Over, Furniture Row Racing Closing At End of 2018 Season

Furniture Row Racing announced Tuesday that they will cease operation at the end of the 2018 season.

Following 5 Hour Energy’s departure leaving a massive sponsorship gap in the teams 2019 budget rumors started. First it was will FRR continue their alliance with JGR? Then it was will Martin Truex Jr. stay? And then rumors of the team closing followed.

On Tuesday team owner Barney Visser confirmed those rumors stating the team would cease operation at the end of 2018. Visser cited rising costs as the reason for shuttering the team.

“The numbers just don’t add up. I would have to borrow money to continue as a competitive team and I’m not going to do that. This was obviously a painful decision to arrive at knowing how it will affect a number of quality and talented people.

“We’ve been aggressively seeking sponsorship to replace 5-hour ENERGY and to offset the rising costs of continuing a team alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing but haven’t had any success. I feel that it’s only proper to make the decision at this time to allow all team members to start seeking employment for next year. I strongly believe that all of our people have enhanced their careers by working at Furniture Row Racing.”

Its sad to see the current state of NASCAR has come to this. The 2017 Cup Championship winning team closes the following year. Things aren’t adding up, numbers don’t make sense. Racing isn’t a fair sport but something like this was preventable.

GMS Racing was in deep talks with FRR to take over the team in 2019. However the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement with JGR on a continuing alliance. That derailed talks and ultimately spelled the end of the team.

More to come on this story from Apex Off. Check back Tuesday night for some thoughts on what could have happened differently.


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