Bobby Rahal Hints IndyCar May Be Close To Getting A Third Manufacturer

Could a third manufacturer be set to join IndyCar in the near future?

According to team owner Bobby Rahal, the series has been in discussions with a third OEM and he even tossed out two names. Speaking to Rahal said he has heard Alfa Romeo or Kia could be the next OEM to join IndyCar. One name we’ve heard rumblings of for a while. Kia is a complete shock considering they are currently in no North American motorsport series.

Alfa Romeo

If you’ve watched an IndyCar race this season you’ve probably seen a hundred commercials promoting the Guilia or the Stelvio. With Alfa spending that much money on IndyCar broadcasts the idea that they could join the series as an OEM is not far-fetched.

As FCA attempts to grow Alfa in the United States they could turn to motorsports as a form of marketing. It would bring an Italian manufacturer into the series to join the Japanese Honda and the American Chevy. IndyCar needs more diversity in terms of manufacturers and Alfa brings a racing pedigree if it were to join.


The Korean manufacturer known for making cheap cars wants to go racing? In recent years Kia has upped their game in terms of luxury and now performance. The new Kia Stinger comes with Brembo brakes, 450 HP, and rear wheel drive. It’s everything a car guy could want except it has a corporate grille and a Kia badge.

The Stinger commercial even featured Emerson Fittipaldi in it. They’ve obviously flirted with the series in one aspect, could they join as an OEM? It would be huge for their presence in the United States. Also, it would pit two massive Asian manufacturers against one another.

If IndyCar truly is on the verge of getting a third OEM in the next couple of years that would be huge news for the series. Assuming the third OEM doesn’t stink up the show like Lotus it will be a success. Just don’t show up to Indy and get parked after 10 laps because of the awful pace.

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