Somehow Kevin Harvick Managed To Be More Insufferable Than Normal

Saturday afternoon in the NASCAR Xfinity race at Darlington drivers were trying to make names for themselves.

Ross Chastain got the opportunity of a lifetime. A racing lifeline was tossed to him by Chip Ganassi Racing to drive the #42 car in three races.  Meanwhile, Stewart-Haas Racing gave an aging man the opportunity to race in the Xfinity Series again.

As Ross Chastain and Kevin Harvick battled for the lead the two drivers came together. Harvick attempted to use a lap car as a pick. Chastain said forget that and went three wide. The #42 and #98 made contact and smacked the wall coming off turn 2. As they regained control the #42 hooked the #98 and spun him. Hard racing.

Here is what Kevin Harvick had to say after the incident. Remember he’s just an older guy looking for a break in NASCAR. Definitely is not a cup champion with 7 wins this season. And Remember nothing is ever Kevin Harvick’s fault.

You know Kevin is probably right. This is a guy that paid Burney Lamar, Kertus Davis, and Aaron Fike to drive his race cars. THIS GUY KNOWS TALENT WHEN HE SEES IT. And according to Kevin Harvick, Ross Chastain doesn’t have the talent to run in fast equipment. Even though he Chastain led 90 laps before Kevin Harvick showed up.
Ross Chastain was fine without Harvick. Then when Harvick shows up and all of sudden there’s an incident. The common denominator here has to be Kevin Harvick showing up on the block. But remember it’s Chastain’s fault.
Nothing is ever Kevin Harvick’s fault. So it’s natural that he blamed Chastain and parked in the #42’s pit box. Then acted like an over-animated scolded child when they told him to move by motioning that the car wouldn’t start.
For those keeping track at home the number of incidents that are Kevin’s fault: 0
The number of incidents that are someone else’s/his pit crews fault: 147
Saturday’s Xfinity race was further proof that Cup guys don’t belong in the Xfinity Series. Contrary to what they all said on Twitter after the race.
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