Remember NASCAR Driver Rick Crawford? Yeah He’s Headed To Jail

Former NASCAR Truck Series winner Rick Crawford is likely headed to jail barring some sort of Bane like take over of Florida.

On Thursday an Orlando court found Crawford guilty on attempted enticement of a child for sexually activity. Actually bad for those keeping score at home. The ruling carries a minimum of 10 years and a maxmimum of life.

Gone are the days of celebrating a win at Daytona.

In are the days of wearing an orange jumpsuit hoping some neo-nazi doesn’t make you his bitch. Sad times for Rick Crawford but if what the court says is true then he gets what he deserves.

Can you imagine if Rick Crawford was on an episode of Dateline and Chris Hansen walked into the kitchen? Then Rick grovels in his southern accent that he was just there to hang out and this condom and $80 are merely just a coincidence. He then tries to leave as undercover officers proceed to arrest him before he makes it back to his truck full of lotions and DVDs.

Rick Crawford, actually not a good guy.

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