Fernando Alonso Followed NASCAR on Twitter, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Absolutely not.



Fernando and NASCAR flirted a few weeks back when the series sent the two-time World Champ a crying wedding invitation to race the Daytona 500. 

Yeah that one, you remember now. While IndyCar has been courting him for over a year NASCAR tried to step in and lure him to their biggest race too. And you know what? It may have worked.

Alonso followed Daytona International Speedway and NASCAR on Thursday. When you only follow 100ish people and everyone is wondering what your next move will be people pay attention to who you follow.

If Fernando Alonso does end up racing the Daytona 500 it will be the most perplexing thing since Michel Jourdain Jr. raced NASCAR and the fans/commentators referred to him as Michael. Because this is NASCAR and Michel looks like Michael. The fact they didn’t call him Michael Jordan is nothing short of a Christmas Day miracle. Brains will be in pretzels.

Fernando Alonso and the Daytona 500, if you would have told any of this in 2005 we would have laughed at you. HE JUST PASSED A STRANDED SCHUMACHER AT SUZUKA HE’S INCREDIBLE. In 2018 he’s still incredible and he wants to race everything.

Carry on, Fernando. Race everything.

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