NASCAR on FOX Was Embarrassingly Bad On Sunday For The Truck Series Race

Fox’s NASCAR coverage on Sunday of the Truck Series race at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park left fans clamoring for NBC to be the new home of all NASCAR racing.

Sunday’s broadcast may have been the worst example of how to put on a broadcast in the history of NASCAR on Fox. Know for generally poor broadcasts with stale commentators, fake laughs, atrocious camera selection and a reliance on too many gimmicks. Their ineptness was on full display Sunday.

As Phil Parson’s rambled on about nothing still not sure why the windows didn’t have race cars outside of them the producer decided to take some heat off him. At the end of Stage 2 apparently, Sunoco dispatched a truck to dump a daily production of oil on the track. With the track crew being extra liberal with the floor dry NASCAR ran 7 laps under caution. Doing that on a road course takes a lot of time. Fox jumped on this opportunity to shove commercials down your gullet. Including a commercial for the truck series race at Canada, WHICH YOU’RE ALREADY WATCHING.

While the cars paraded around wasting laps watching the street sweeper earn his pay Fox continued to show commercials. Then suddenly out of nowhere the commercial cut AND THEY MISSED THE GOD DAMN RESTART.

A half an hour of commercials and time to figure out when to get back and they missed it. The field was in turn 3, the producer had quite literally 20 minutes to get this right and they failed. I get commercials are how you pay for the broadcast but come on, man. You had one job and you missed the restart.

It gets worse, with 6 laps to go Fox just lost signal. A beautiful day in Canada and their signal dropped. That far away land north of the wall was just a little too far for the signal. Sure ESPN showed F1 racing in Belgium earlier in the morning without a hitch. Fox tries to show a race essentially the same distance as Kansas City from Charlotte and they can’t do it. Miraculously NASCAR threw a caution when that happened for a spinning truck, I’m woke on that. When the broadcast finally came back the race restarted.

It was just another display of how little FOX cares about broadcasting NASCAR. While NBC has revamped their booth, made personnel changes and stopped relying on terrible onboard shots, FOX has kept the status quo. Announcers yelling with fake excitement, or just being mundane as possible while looking at an onboard of the drivers face, the most pointless camera ever. FOX continues to do the same thing they’ve done since 2001 with nearly the same people.

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