BK RACING PRESS RELEASE: From The Desk Of Ron Devine Regarding The Debt Incurred

Dispelling The Rumors

Charlotte, NC (August 24) — BK Racing has been sold at auction to Front Row Motorsports. Former BK Racing owner Ron Devine wishes his tremendous friend and fellow restaurant franchise owner Bob Jenkins all the best as he takes over the #23 team.

It was reported that BK Racing owes over $44M among the 78 claims filed against our great race team. The creditors varied from the engine supplier, tire and wheel supplier, the bank, the IRS and many more. Listen, we need engines this is stock car racing, no engines, no go. Tires and wheels, a crucial part of a car are the wheels, we needed those too. Those you know what’s down at the bank always want their money back quick. When you mess up my money why does it take 3-5 business days to get it back to me but when I overdraw it’s taken immediately?

“We owed Fernando Alonso’s salary,” said Devine, “when you look at it like that our debt total seeming relatively minuscule doesn’t it?”

A debt was incurred, there is no dodging that issue. “I and the team but mostly the team had every intention of paying back our outstanding debt,” said a boisterous Devine. Like his childhood early adult life heroes Harry and Lloyd he had a briefcase of IOU’s where he kept track of everyone he owed money too. Goodyear, Triad, BofA, Alex Bowman, Toyota, Landon Cassill, they’re all in there.

HOWEVER, now that the team has been sold and BK Racing filed for bankruptcy there are questions if the IOU’s need to be honored. What Ron does want everyone to know is that he’s not finished in the sport yet. “I have other options in the sport,” said a defiant Ron Devine.

BK Racing’s era in NASCAR has come to a close. We want to thank everyone for riding this wave of success since 2012. Thank you to all the banks who loaned BK Racing money, to every sponsor that gave us free product for placement on the car. To every driver that went unpaid for the opportunity to drive for BKR. Thank you.

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About BK Racing

Started in 2012 BK Racing strives to climb the NASCAR ladder. Behind the leadership of Ron Devine and sponsorship from Burger King, Dr. Pepper, the blasting company, swan racing, that water company that sells on Amazon and others the team has grown into a mainstay. The team has been home to multiple NASCAR stars including but not limited to Twitter star Landon Cassill and Dale Jr’s replacement Alex “the showman” Bowman and the Gauldashians and 2-time Cup winner David Reutimann.

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