Did Brian France Actually Donate To Michael Cohen’s Legal Fund?

Would Brian France actually go against his friend President Donald Trump?

Wednesday afternoon a GoFundMe for Michael Cohen started to go viral on Twitter. People were flabbergasted others would donate to the fund of a lawyer who Trump publicly shamed. Cohen also admitted to violating campaign finance laws and to influence an election (all under the direction of President Trump).

That leads us to this donation that was originally public on the GoFundMe page for Michael Cohen. It has since been made “anonymous” but no one else has donated $50,000 to this fund.

Brian and Amy France have to be the ones behind this donation. To start with they’re the only ones with $50k to give, well not the only ones. But is there really a NASCAR fan out there with $50k sitting around that wanted to play a funny joke? Then to take it from visible to anonymous means the public embarrassment/backlash was getting to BZF.

It’s interesting that Brian France would even donate to this fun in the first place. France has been a staunch supporter of President Trump. He campaigned for him, threw his and other NASCAR driver’s support behind him. Only to have NASCAR as a company distance itself from France’s support. Michael Cohen is not on Donald Trump’s support list. His seat on the Trump train has been revoked and he was tossed off in front of the train in the hopes he would get run over. Instead, Cohen has been spilling all the beans this week.

If Brian wants to continue his friendship with the President you wouldn’t think he’d publicly donate to the “Michael Cohen Truth Fund.” Unless of course he is good friends with Michael Cohen and felt like dropping an M5 note on a Wednesday afternoon.

The President had a laugh out loud funny tweet regarding Michael Cohen as well. The absurdity of this tweet is hilarious, the reality of it, not so much.

It’s just another misstep in a long line of missteps for Brian France. You can be a political contributor as the CEO of any organization. You can donate to a PAC, or set up a trust that donates for you. Instead, Brian took to GoFundMe and used his legal name like a drunken buffoon.  While he continues to drive the sport in a negative direction and while battling DUI charges, maybe Brian should just lay low for a little.

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