Paul Tracy Updates Everyone On Robert Wickens Condition

IndyCar rookie and all around great Canadian Robert Wickens was airlifted to an Allentown, PA hospital after a horrific wreck early in Sunday’s IndyCar race at Pocono.

According to fellow Canadian Paul Tracy, it appears Wickens has broken both ankles, an arm, and a potentially fractured vertebra and pulmonary contusion. The good news in this, Robert Wickens is still with us. The Dallara chassis did its job, the crush pods did theirs, the car disintegrated as it should have to disperse energy and while Wickens didn’t walk away he will be able to climb back in the car. The official IndyCar release that just hit my inbox says the same thing as Tracy. 

Wickens’ car when airborne after contact with Ryan Hunter-Reay’s spinning car and into the fence. The #6 car hit the fence which acts like a cheese grater just ripping carbon fiber to shreds. As a result, Wickens was left spinning and sliding to a rest against the inside wall.


While the other drivers involved in the incident climbed out of their cars and headed to the ambulances Wickens remained in his car. Finally, the driver was extracted and placed on a backboard where he was transported to the helicopter and to the hospital.

Some tense moments silenced the crowd at Pocono and made everyone on social media hope for the best as they furiously refreshed Twitter looking for any glimmer of hope. Finally, IndyCar VP of Communication Curt Cavin came out of the infield care center to give everyone an update on Wickens and the other drivers involved. Cavin said Wickens was alert and awake when he reached the infield care center before being transported to the hospital.

IndyCar safety isn’t perfect, there should be a canopy on these cars to protect the drivers. Until someone takes a stand it won’t happen but for now, the safety of the actual car is better than it ever has been. Both Wickens and Dixon have survived scary airborne crashes in back to back years and both are still with us. Now just protect the head.

Wickens will definitely be out the remainder of the season.

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