Fan Tries To Fight Kyle Busch After The Bristol Night Race (VIDEO)

The Bristol Night race finally lived up to its billing last night after being lackluster for a few years. On track, the action was on another level with guys beating and banging. Wives mad at drivers other drivers made at each other. Bristol finally looked like Bristol again as the winning car rolled into victory lane covered in tape from damage.

While Kurt Busch celebrated by lifting a sword fit for King Arthur his brother Kyle Busch was going chest to chest with a fan in the golf cart area outside of the track. Watch;

The audio was terrible and you couldn’t hear what was being said between the two. (On Reddit you can hear audio but it’s just some guy yelling “beat his ass, Kyle.”) The fan initiated the interaction by all accounts from people who were there. No one knows why he was mad but a police officer did break it up and take the fan away.

To Kyle’s credit, he went right back at the fan which he should have done. Fans shouldn’t be in the golf cart area after a race and Bristol is no different. While NASCAR boasts about being the most accessible sport in America (it’s not, that belongs to IndyCar) fans still shouldn’t be interacting with drivers like this.

Last season a fan Grizzly Adams tried to fight Denny Hamlin on pit road after he wrecked Chase Elliott. This season another middle-aged guy tries to fight another driver. WE CAN’T HAVE FANS TRYING TO FIGHT DRIVERS. We live in a society and this isn’t Bowman Grey Stadium on a Saturday night.

No punches were thrown in the altercation just some chest bumping and some words. Remember though, if you’re at a track and see a driver don’t try to fight him. Sling an insult, fake out on a fist bump, but don’t try to fight someone.

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